I've never done this before but I'll do my best:
Ask away!
xxanalangelxx xxanalangelxx
22-25, T
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Are you planning on going forward with surgery, how far along are you?

I'm unfortunately not very far along at the moment. I'd love to go all the way but money and courage is an issue.

What do you crave sexually?

To be made love to as a woman. To be beneath my lover. To be penetrated. To give myself and to be taken.

Very well said,, and hott

Thanks :)

How big is your ****?

Very small.

what do you look like

I'm 5'0", white, brown hair blue eyes, and slightly curvy. :)

can i see x

Nooo I'm too shy lol

do you have Skype?

I do but I wont post it here, sorry. :)

That's ok. Would like to see you x

wow you are tiny, bet you "pass"

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