The Open Book of a Closet Slave

Ask anything you want..i have always been open... never hid who..what..i am..


i find i learn so much, by opening up to others and if my life stories can help another as well, then why not?


i am a big fan of humans... i love how we think, i love how we intereact...


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5 Responses Mar 10, 2009

their heart

hmm<br />
<br />
every act i do submissive...<br />
<br />
i find it hard to answer<br />
<br />
the most submissive.....hmmm<br />
<br />
i will think about that and give you an answer soon

i am sure..there are more questions out there

Neuromancer, a great question Sir, thank You.<br />
<br /> all forms... from the love of hot passionate love...<br />
<br />
it seems simple..but IMO, it is the answer to and age old question<br />
<br />
SaxophoneJazz05:<br />
<br />
i am external.. i am , to is why i exist...

Are you an internal person, or an external person? (Google it if you are confused! lol)<br />
I am internal.