Ok Go Ahead Im An Open Book

I felt maybe ill just join the crowd i have nothing to hide lol....Ask me anything you want im not easily offended as i believe everyone has a right to their own views and the right to question anything.

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have i kissed a girl ?? lol......Ive kissed THE GIRL lol.....the most amazing kisser ive ever known in my entire life. yes ive had sex with her too also very yummy mmmmmm...what is my sex fantasy ?? hmmmm let me think ummm im guessing since you asked about me and girls you are wanting to know my fantasy about sex with her lol.....<br />
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I guess ill never have that opportunity to be with her on that level again so any move ever made by her towards me will be a fantasy for me lol......honestly just the way she has me now is more than a fulfilled fantasy for me :)

wow, im sorry sara i never knew this question was here lol.....i just found it by accident today <br />
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How are you doing by the way ive missed you on here <br />
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the worst part of being a teenager for me was not knowing what to expect in the afterlife of highschool, having crushes on immature boys lol, and balancing school with my social life<br />
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How about you my friend?

How did you know I love being called sweetie by other women? Who told you?<br />
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OK... so I got you... lemme think of another question for you... hmmmmm..........<br />
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So, what was the worst part of being a teenager?

You have been the first one to baffle me on this story lol.....Honestly speaking I expect nothing in life so to answer this question, I dont have a question ive been secretly hoping to be asked per say. You have challenged me for the last few minutes trying to come up with an answer im usually a bit quick on the reactions congratulations you have the ability to JUSTENTICEME sweetie

What is the one question that you secretly hope you will be asked so that you are forced to answer it... but you wouldn't volunteer this info unless asked?

oh this one is easy ........HAWAII.......ive always wanted to go there someday always been my biggest fantasy fungirl is supposed to take me lol

depends on the day....somedays i hate going to work as i just dont feel like it that day.....or if its a nice sunny day i would rather go to the beach or the gym or for a nice drive......other days i hate just getting out of bed i would rather just cuddle next to my boyfriend and stay there in his arms alll day long.

lol.....ok this was most definitely not a question i was expecting to be asked. But ok ill give it a shot based on my slight knowledge of the subject matter.<br />
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From what i remember, There are two types of swallow African and European so each is a different concept when airspeed is rated. Most of the swallows are from Africa I believe could be wrong but im guestimating lol.<br />
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Its tough to give an accurate airspeed based on the wing length and body mass being different with each one but the average airspeed would be about if i remember right between 10 and 20 beats per second. <br />
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sorry im a bit rusty in my bird species knowledge but thank you for challenging me lol

What is the flying velocity of an unladen Swallow?

oh yes most definitely the excorcist omg those eyes and that voice give me the heebee jeebees

I like just about anything that doesnt break windows lol....actually no i never had the pleasure of concert experience yet