I Guess It's About Time

So, I'm always talking about how it's really hard for me to be open, but how EP is starting to help. So, I figured, hmmm why not? Hit me with your best shot!

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8 Responses Mar 21, 2009

hmm, what annoys me most. Probably people that cause their own drama and are completely aware of it, or they chose not to fix it. I hate when something could be solved so easily but people would dwell in drama instead.<br />
<br />
Aw, why was the mother upset?

What I want and what I can, is two very different things, my dear :(<br />
Yeah, I got you text. Sorry 'bout being so short, the mother was upset -___-

haha, did you get my text about them? I couldn't stop smiling, I def wasn't expecting them. Ah, It made New Years seem even farther away. Sure you don't want to push it up to this summer ? =p

Yay! Ok, next:<br />
How did you like the photos? :D<br />
Hah! So totally inside, no one but you can understand! I LOVE it!

Yes! There's nothing I'm looking forward to more. If I had to make a list of things that i'm looking forward to most. New Years would be at the top...second would be graduation =)

Are you already looking forward to New Years? :D

I don't actually drink much pop, i'm more of a water person. But when I drink pop, it's just Welch's grape soda

What's your favorite brand of soda (or 'pop' depending on location) ?