If anyone has any questions i will definately answer them!! :)

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I was watching family guy on youtube.

No, thats understandable - some people just have restless souls and it can be hard to be selfaware enough to see what makes you really truely happy - and some people struggle to relax enough to be content and happy with what they receive - its a balancing act I think - between being able to find joy in what you have yet not settling for less than the best - and its not easy.<br />
<br />
What was the last thing that made you laugh so hard your tummy hurt and tears came to your eyes?

I fear that it won't be enough to make me happy. I'm not quite sure why......i have great family and friends, live in a nice place etc....

Why would you live a life you wouldnt like?<br />
You have such fantastic aspirations - do you fear you wont succeed on some level? Or that once you get there, it wont be enough to make you happy?

I am most afriad of living my life, and not liking it. Does that make sense? On my death bed, and reminding myself of the crap life I had. I would hate that. :(

I dont think you should mind either - and besides, you are still young - you grow into yourself and figure out more who you are as you get older - so perhaps some of your characteristics that are more unique to you are hiding or you havent been made aware of them yet.<br />
<br />
What are you most afraid of?

I take after my Dad more than my Mum, in nearly everything. Preffered tastes in food, lifestyle, I look like my Dad. I have the same sense of humour as my Dad. And i am into a lot of sport like my Dad. :)<br />
<br />
I'm not really that different at all. I am pretty much the same as my parents. Which is kinda sad, but i don't mind :)

Mmmm we have Christmas Trifle too! Its a family tradition to eat the leftovers for Boxing Day Breakfast ;)<br />
<br />
Who do you take after the most - your Mum or your Dad? And in what ways?<br />
What things are completly different from your parents?

Wow, you have awesome questions :)<br />
There was this one time, i was about 6, at my cousins' house. They were 7, and 4. We were sitting on the top bunk bed, and i slipped off (there weren't any rails) and landed on my ribs on the little side table. I was crying for hours, and it really hurt:( <br />
<br />
Since then, my Aunty has never had bunkbeds in her house again, although i still do. I have to share with my little sister. <br />
<br />
<br />
I would carry on the trifle andpotato salad tradition. <br />
Every year at Christmas time, we travel down to Brisbane to visit family. There are always about 5 different potato salads, because it is the easiest item if food to bring and share. My Mum, always has an entry in that one :)<br />
<br />
Another is the trifle. Also at Christmas time, my Dad has a work party, and we always make a trifle that has way way way too much alcohol in it. But it is good fun :)<br />
<br />
Another one, My Mum and i always make rumballs at Christmas. And we always say that we will make them early so we don't have to do it last minute, but it always gets done on christmas eve :)

Good answer :)<br />
<br />
Whats one of your most treasured childhood memories?<br />
And what is one tradition you would like to install in your own children (if you choose to have them)?

Yes i have been in love :)<br />
i think you can really like someone at fist sight, but not love. That would be basing your judgments only on their looks. I don't think we should. <br />
Soulmates...oooh...tricky, i don't really think that there is only one person in the world for you. There might be one, there might be many. I think it is a personl choice, not a fate.

Hmm harder question than I thought it was huh?<br />
By all means, make it a group of people!<br />
<br />
OK - we can get back to it - in the mean time - have you ever been in love? Do you believe in love at first sight? And do you believe in soulmates?

I would have dinner with....hmmmm let me think.....ummmm..... i would have to choose..... i don't know, i will think about it :) make sure you remind me..somebody

Cool :D That would be a fantastic role - Iv read all those books several times, they would make awesome movies. Ellie is such a neat character - would be great for a young actress ready for a challenge. Good luck reaching those dreams!<br />
<br />
If you could have dinner with any body in the world - living or dead - who would you choose - what would you eat - and what would you most want to ask them? And why?

Yeah i love drama!!!!<br />
My fav play is Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare. <br />
I would love to play the role of Ellie, in Tomorrow When Th War Began, a series written by John Marsden, someone wanted to make a movie based on the books, but haven't started yet. That was 4 years ago. <br />
<br />
Yeah i love to sing and dance!!! :)

Ahh so you are a drama geek huh? I was too :) Actually, I was a geek of all kinds!<br />
<br />
Do you have a favourite play or stage show? <br />
Do you have a role you would really like to try one day?<br />
Can you sing and dance (presuming so, with the gymnastics and all) as well as act?<br />
<br />
(BTW I have a story in this group if you want to ask me any questions)

5 years: i want to have obtained a nice OP score, gotten into some acting and performing work, and get qualified to coach gymnastics (they don't pay you until you are qualified, it realy sucks because i have been coaching for 5 years!! )<br />
<br />
10 years: do a bit of acting and stage performances, get married, have kids.

What do you hope you have achieved in the next five years? What about in the next 10 years?

Pompeii to see Vesuvius. But not at a close distance.<br />
Or when God first created the universe. To see it without pollution, war, sin...etc..

If you could time travel to any place in history - where/when would you go and why?

tea, it's better for you<br />
<br />
meat, we need a lot of iron<br />
<br />
savoury, otherwise i get toothaches sometimes<br />
<br />
i love the cold, you get to snuggle<br />
<br />
personality, what are good looks if you don't like the way they treat you<br />
<br />
book, it is always more detailed<br />
<br />
i love both cats and dogs, i can't decide.<br />
<br />
definately half full :)

Hehe I think the best part of being a super hero would be picking out the outfit!<br />
<br />
Tea or coffee? Meat or vegies? Sweet or Savoury (food)? Too hot or too cold (temp)? Good looks or personality (prefer in a 'special' someone)? Book or movie? Cats or dogs? - and please tell me why for each.<br />
And finally....are you a glass half full or half empty sort of person?

I would be able to read people's minds. Definately good. And i would have a sexy green and purple cape :)

If you were a superhero what would be your super power? Would you use it for the good of the world - or for evil? <br />
And what colour would your cape be? LOL