Ask me anything as its the best way to get to know me :)

tatteredwings tatteredwings
8 Responses Mar 23, 2009

just held would show I was loved if someone just hugged me closely and I felt there warm body against mine....simple but lovely at the same time

lake waterton

How best would you like to be shown you are loved?

Which Lake in Banff are you refering to. I have been there many times...only live a few hous drive from there

No but Im working on making my life feel complete, I have everything I need in life its just I have to work on me because I feel like I got left behind somewhere and need to get me back :)

Do you feel like your life is complete and everything it is supposed to be is in place?

You said ask you ANYTHING we dare and then you limit the field to questions about yourself. Smart.

In the woods high up on a mountain by a hidden lake on the beach....Banff National park has a lake like this Emerald blue and green with a hidden beach, would love to try that place sometime