This Should Be Fun..

Ok, I'm doing this because most of these things are put out by women, and I figured it was about time for them to get even.

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I don't forget things so memories are hard. When I try to think what stands out... everything stands out. Best would be the ball tournament we used to host yearly. It was out in the country and we had a waiting list of teams that wanted in. Ball, booze, camping, corn roasts... Definitely the highlight event of the summer for this guy as a teen. And all mostly organized by me from age 14 up to 18.<br />
Worst has to be the fire that destroyed 700 homes this spring. Though I wasn't in the middle of it like so many others, I still cant think about it without a flood of emotions threatening to wipe me out.

I don't know you but ... <br />
How long you've been on EP?<br />
What do you usually come here for?<br />
Name something you can't stand?<br />
What is your favorite type of music?

I've been on since March of 09.... I think.
I usually come here to read new stories from my circle. I love the little view into who they are.
Can't stand any movie with Nicole Kidman. Yes she always gets naked... But she also always sleeps with someone else to "save" her husband.
All Geres of music as long as the beat is good. Take Becks Loser for instance. The words are bollocks, but the flow is perfect.

..... Ummm. Actually..... I thought he would sit down slowly and get a slight poke in the butt cheek. Not splat down on it and have it penetrate his *** muscle 2 inches.

Why did you stab your brother with a pen?


What you wanna hump my leg?

@ Bleed. Like the dog.<br />
@Amelle Sad to say, but work. Not the easy days, but the fire and explosion days.<br />
@Xero... Why would I stick it in dad?

I can't believe you didn't get asked any more questions!!!!!<br />
<br />
Let's see if I can rekindle this fire....................<br />
<br />
what's your favourite sexual position?

Your job sounds very intense,,,you should come join the gathering of the tribes and be our Fire God,,they beat drums and dance by the fire,,,very cool,,,mary

Ok Mary heres where the name came from. I'm an Engineer, I work with High heat every day. Normal conditions are around 1000C or 1832 F. Now the problem with this is that when you run that hot, sometimes the things around you get exposed and can't take it... And you end up lighting the building on fire, or the stuff in the building. I had a bad run back in '06 and the buddy i was working with Started calling me Fire God because the flames seem to follow me around. You know that almost every culture has a fire god? In looking for avatars you see them all over the world.

cool name I once new a guy I called sun God,,,,great person,,so tell me what you know about being the fire God???love and Light mary