I got nothing else to do and I'm bored so why not:)
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My fiance transferred $75,000 to my brinks prepaid mastercard on july 24, 2015. I wasnt aware until today that the card had a maximum limit of $15,000. I was wondering , will the money still go to my card? how does that work being its over the maximum limit?

Add me please sweetie lets talk

Ever ate *** out of a *****?

What are you wearing just now?

What would you do if you walked into a room and a guy was in there nude?

Depends on what he looked like but if he's attractive I'd get naked with him and see what happens

Come on over

How would you like me to use you ?

Any way you want but no poop

No poop but I will have to think of the best way to make you mine 😈

Will you ********** while your bored ?

I usually do twice a day

Do you like the taste of ***


Good girl

How do you feel about being tickled?

It's not a turn on to be honest

LOL, that's not what I asked.

don't be bored, come play with me.....have you ever experienced multiple nipple org-asms

Have you had anal ?? And dos you like it ?

Yes and yes

Wanna chat

Do you go braless


Nice. Do you flash your boobs

Only when I'm drunk


Can I see your **** ?
Msg me

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Do you shave
Msg me

Would u like to talk private


Can you message me

Have you ever cumed in bed or wet the bed

Cummed yes, only wet when I was younger

Have you ever cumed through the sheets

I'm not sure what you mean but I've gotten sheets wet before yes

How wet enough to change

Once yes

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Message me ;)


how often do you like to ***?

At least once a day usually twice

how do you manage that? :p

Morning and night

lucky girl :) and maybe there is a lucky boy too

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Have you ever showed up to school and sat in class with a man's *** still inside you, dripping out into your panties?

No but I'd love to do it:)

What about sitting at the dinner table in front of your parents?

Yes. It made me feel naughty

add me xx

Please add me

Have you been good this Christmas??

Yes sir

Good Girl,

Will you add me

what do you think of babies

Hi! I love your sex confession. Add me please. I dream of meeting a girl like you someday. I'm 40 and dominant, and oh how I would enslave a little girl like you

When was your first experience... add me please

add me

favorite color

favorite disney princess

what makes you happy

most embarrassing moment

Blue. Jasmine maybe don't really have one. Shopping makes me happy. Most embarrassing would be when I was 14 and at the beach a guy friend untied my bikini bottoms and they fell off and about 50 people saw me half naked.

Message me and ill ask u questions

how small is your town?


any brothers or sisters


i have 2 brothers one older and one younger and 13 year old triplet sisters

what do you think of babies

I don't want one right now but they are cute

Are you sexy

I don't know

Could I possibly see pic in private

You have added me

Ever catch anyone in the act with someone they shouldn't be with ?


Tell me more in a private msg ;)

What is your favourite sexual fantasy?

What is your naughtiest unfulfilled fantasy?

What kind/color panties are you wearing?

None just shorts

What's the most taboo sex act you've ever done?

favorite sex position??

Doggy or on my back/side

Nice,I like girl on top myself :p

Do you like to perform oral sex??

Depends on my mood.

That seems fair enough

Do you enjoy being tied up?



Are You Ticklish?


Might I ask where?

Stomach legs feet

Nice,those are great tickle spots

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What's your most embarrassing moment?

I was at the lake with my friends and my bottoms fell off not close to a towel and almost everyone around saw me half naked. Pretty embarrassing

Wow how many people saw your vagina? One time I was pantsed by these two girls and they got my boxers too...

I would guess 40 to 50 people saw

what do you sleep in pajamas t-shirt/panties panties or nude

Panties or nude

what size **** you like?

No preference besides just not small

What do you consider small?

Under 5.5

ever seen a small ****? i am about 4 inches erect

Nope and really don't have any desire to sorry

do you like to make fun of guys with small *****?

No I don't like to make fun of anybody. Too much bullying already happens don't really want to be part of that.

that is pure sizisim

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what type of panties you like wearing?

It depends on my mood but like bikini type panties or thongs usually.

what kind you have on right now?


How do you decide which style to wear? Why do you wear panties at all?

If I'm feeling flirtatious or want to get attention I'll wear something sexy. If it's just a blah kind of day I'll wear regular panties.

Is the type you choose just for you, or does someone else get to share your choice?
I still wonder why do you wear panties in the first place?

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whats the wildest craziest thing you ever done?

That's a little to xxx rated but if you message me I'll tell you.

messaged you

tell us also lol

I`d like to know too,lol

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How small is your town?