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Be Gentle :)

I'm a little scared, but I'll try :)

So ask away :)

drix drix 18-21, M 427 Responses Apr 12, 2009

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whats your favorite color(: (in all seriousness)

That's all rubbish,try again. :P

Well I'm glad you found a little time for me :)<br />
Well I guess that kind of clarifies :) I originally thought you were asking if there were any things that I got into trouble for consisatantly.. Its strange because when I first read the question and considered that you might mean the thing that I'm trying to answer now :P I had an answer in mind, but now I'm kind of struggling.. I think actually I must have had a lot of answers in mind considering the questions I asked :/ And of course the 'got into trouble' phrase makes me think of situations that involve authority figures and so many of my 'worst actions' aren't really applicable.. And I'm sure you've noticed by now that my memory can be somewhat.. inconsistant.. Anyway, now it just looks like I'm making excuses.. I guess I'll give it some thought and maybe try to edit this later.. Hopefully into something with more of a point :P

Well,I'm a very busy girl. :P Plus,I'm running out of questions..<br />
<br />
I meant what did you get in the most trouble for..I'm just interested in knowing your worst actions. :P Or the ones you got caught for anyway. :) Does that clarify enough for you to answer?

Wow, it's been a while..<br />
Okay, Well I'm not a virgin and I'm not currently seeing anybody.. <br />
Um.. *looks around*.. I'm not really sure.. I don't think so. If I do they're hiding- I don't know why that sounds scary in my head :/ Mini paper cuts in my sleep? :o <br />
No recent major purchases.. I don't think I'm really much of an impulsive buyer though anyway.. I was in town a little while ago though and I had a sudden strong desire to buy some Sunny Delight.. I looked but I couldn't find any anywhere :( I'm not sure why that kind of thing tends to happen :/<br />
Um, do you think you could be a little more specific with that?- at home, at school, etc? How much younger? Or did you mean what I got in the most trouble for?

Do you own any of those mini books?The novelty type ones?<br />
What was the last thing you bought on a whim?<br />
What did you most get into trouble for when you were younger?


Randomness is okay :) It was a couple of weeks ago..

I think that would be pretty horrible.. I'm sure it'd just give me more reason not to like people..<br />
I do not..<br />
It would be nice to be that naive..

I remember her but I haven't heard from her.. I hope she's okay..

I have a question ... do you remember IAMS (Iamstillsomeone)<br />
She's been gone since summer, do you ever hear from her or know if she's ok?

Nothing much.. I'd say that I'm just going through the motions, but I'm not really doing anything :/ So I guess I'm just staying in the nothing..<br />
I've been better. I've been worse..

Whats going on with you lately? Its been ages since we have chatted - how is life in general treating you?

I'm not sure.. Maybe like a little peaceful cottage somewhere..<br />
I don't, but I'd like a nice chair..<br />
I don't have a night stand..

What would your dream house be like?<br />
Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?<br />
What are the contents in your night stand? :P

Love is the thing that gives our lives meaning.. At least for me, it's the entire purpose of, and reason for, living..<br />
I guess I just don't like things that are out of my control..<br />
Yes.. I'm not good with money.. <br />
I haven't heard anything about it, so my default thought is that it's silly..

:O Wow,deleting comments... :P I don't know..but that wasn't the point of my,if there's nothing else,are you just attracted to the thought of love by default?<br />
<br />
Hmm,why do you have an aversion to technology?<br />
Have you ever paid rent late?<br />
Any thoughts on the whole 'officially' finding water on the moon thing? :)

I haven't really played for a while.. My friends and I used to just play like 5 pound in, winner takes all games, so it wasn't really a lot of money.. We actually got into trouble though once because we were playing at school :/ I thought it was silly.. <br />
Completely.. I'm getting a little bit better but I'm still a bit of a technophobe..<br />
Not really :/ I think that there needs to be a balance of both reward and discipline integrated into the child's daily routine.. Hopefully that type of disciplinary method is preventable..<br />
What else is there?

I have another question and I'll probably forget it before you answer the other questions.. :P<br />
What exactly is it that you find so appealing about love?

'Maybe girls are just mean' :) I have a feeling you just forget to think before talking. :P <br />
<br />
Alrighty..<br />
So you like to play poker..have you ever won or lost a large amount of money playing it or do you just play with oreos? :P <br />
Would you described yourself as technologically challenged?<br />
Do you think the 'time-out' method to discipline children actually works? :P

:) I don't know.. Maybe girls are just mean :P<br />
I was okay.. I was just saying she should take a test before freaking out.. I guess it's different for girls though..<br />
No.. I think I should go and have a look at that site now though.. I'm guessing I'll probably disagree with all of the ratings though..<br />
I don't really see beggars around here..

Well geez,what do you do to get slapped?It's a rhetorical question,but still... o_O<br />
<br />
Did you freak out too? :P<br />
Uh,have you ever rated people on<br />
When was the last time you gave a beggar money?

I think every girl I've ever known has slapped me across the face.. I may be exaggerating slightly..<br />
I don't really buy much.. Maybe some Chinese food.. I don't normally buy takeaway because it's too expensive but for some reason I had some.. <br />
No :) We had a scare once when my ex was late.. She freaked out lots..

Maybe it would be easier if I didn't ask so many questions at once,eh? :) I'm just an inquisitive could be worse,I could not be curious at all and then you would have practically no comments on this little story of yours. :P<br />
"But then I realize I'm a silly who can't really do anything.." Kay,that's really not a nice thing to say about yourself,you know.. <br />
<br />
Have you ever been slapped across the face?<br />
What was the last thing you bought on impulse?<br />
And..since you seem to react so harshly to teenage girls that ask questions about being pregnant,I have to ask...have you ever gotten anyone pregnant? :o

Arg, I feel kind of like I'm sitting an exam.. I keep looking for the easiest question to answer.. I just want to go outside and play with squirrels :)<br />
Okay, concentrate.. I think you're gonna get grumpy with me if I just keep saying 'I don't know' to everything..<br />
I haven't really had my deep thinking hat on recently.. Maybe you could give me a subject to ponder? Make it an easy one though, just to ease me back in :) I was actually just randomly thinking about the multiverse theory.. I don't really know enough about it though to really get anywhere :/<br />
I think that money makes things easier.. And that people who have it have a head start in the race towards happiness.. Just as people who are conventionally 'beautiful' have an advantage.. Obviously happiness is a relative concept though..<br />
Um, I guess.. I don't get hyper, but sometimes when I see things I get a temporary and overwhelming desire to do something.. So if I see a great painting, I might get an overwhelming desire to paint.. Or if I see a great athlete... But then I realize I'm a silly who can't really do anything..<br />
It's been a while.. I can live without it..<br />
No :) I'm a good boy.. <br />
Weird? Um.. Nothing really comes to mind..<br />
Hating takes too much effort :/

You know I'm imagining you chasing a squirrel now. :P<br />
It's an exceedingly amusing thought. :) Oh!And if you streaked your hair pink you'd have more pink stuff! :D<br />
<br />
What was the last subject you thought deeply on?<br />
Do you believe money is an important component in attaining happiness?<br />
Do you ever get into one of those weird hyper moods where you feel like doing something super productive? :P<br />
When was the last time you drank alcohol?<br />
Have you ever given out a fake phone number?<br />
What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in a classroom?<br />
I've probably asked this before but anyway,is there anyone in particular you hate?If so,why?

Of course :) I think I asked you that one didn't I? My friend caught one but it bit him and wouldn't let go :)<br />
I was 16..<br />
I watched WarGames last night..<br />
No often enough :) Usually once a week..<br />
Probably.. I can't think of anything though.. Maybe I need more pink stuff..<br />
Maybe my sister.. Not a real lie though..<br />
Um.. :) Probably a pen..

Mmkay...I come with more questions! :D<br />
Have you ever chased a squirrel?<br />
At what age did you lose your virginity?<br />
What was the last film you watched?<br />
How often to you wash your hair?<br />
Do you own anything pink?<br />
Who was the last person you lied to?<br />
What was the last non-food item you put in your mouth?

The worst thing I've ever done is probably cheating on people.. Or lying to them about my feelings..

No.. I'm really interested about you now though :P<br />
Yes, once.. That wasn't nice..<br />
I don't know :/<br />
Nope.. I already own enough crap :/<br />
I can't remember..<br />
Probably some kind of break up thing :/ Don't really want to get into it..