Be Gentle :)

I'm a little scared, but I'll try :)

So ask away :)

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whats your favorite color(: (in all seriousness)

That's all rubbish,try again. :P

Well I'm glad you found a little time for me :)<br />
Well I guess that kind of clarifies :) I originally thought you were asking if there were any things that I got into trouble for consisatantly.. Its strange because when I first read the question and considered that you might mean the thing that I'm trying to answer now :P I had an answer in mind, but now I'm kind of struggling.. I think actually I must have had a lot of answers in mind considering the questions I asked :/ And of course the 'got into trouble' phrase makes me think of situations that involve authority figures and so many of my 'worst actions' aren't really applicable.. And I'm sure you've noticed by now that my memory can be somewhat.. inconsistant.. Anyway, now it just looks like I'm making excuses.. I guess I'll give it some thought and maybe try to edit this later.. Hopefully into something with more of a point :P

Well,I'm a very busy girl. :P Plus,I'm running out of questions..<br />
<br />
I meant what did you get in the most trouble for..I'm just interested in knowing your worst actions. :P Or the ones you got caught for anyway. :) Does that clarify enough for you to answer?

Wow, it's been a while..<br />
Okay, Well I'm not a virgin and I'm not currently seeing anybody.. <br />
Um.. *looks around*.. I'm not really sure.. I don't think so. If I do they're hiding- I don't know why that sounds scary in my head :/ Mini paper cuts in my sleep? :o <br />
No recent major purchases.. I don't think I'm really much of an impulsive buyer though anyway.. I was in town a little while ago though and I had a sudden strong desire to buy some Sunny Delight.. I looked but I couldn't find any anywhere :( I'm not sure why that kind of thing tends to happen :/<br />
Um, do you think you could be a little more specific with that?- at home, at school, etc? How much younger? Or did you mean what I got in the most trouble for?

Do you own any of those mini books?The novelty type ones?<br />
What was the last thing you bought on a whim?<br />
What did you most get into trouble for when you were younger?


Randomness is okay :) It was a couple of weeks ago..

I think that would be pretty horrible.. I'm sure it'd just give me more reason not to like people..<br />
I do not..<br />
It would be nice to be that naive..

I remember her but I haven't heard from her.. I hope she's okay..

I have a question ... do you remember IAMS (Iamstillsomeone)<br />
She's been gone since summer, do you ever hear from her or know if she's ok?

Nothing much.. I'd say that I'm just going through the motions, but I'm not really doing anything :/ So I guess I'm just staying in the nothing..<br />
I've been better. I've been worse..

Whats going on with you lately? Its been ages since we have chatted - how is life in general treating you?

I'm not sure.. Maybe like a little peaceful cottage somewhere..<br />
I don't, but I'd like a nice chair..<br />
I don't have a night stand..

What would your dream house be like?<br />
Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?<br />
What are the contents in your night stand? :P

Love is the thing that gives our lives meaning.. At least for me, it's the entire purpose of, and reason for, living..<br />
I guess I just don't like things that are out of my control..<br />
Yes.. I'm not good with money.. <br />
I haven't heard anything about it, so my default thought is that it's silly..

:O Wow,deleting comments... :P I don't know..but that wasn't the point of my,if there's nothing else,are you just attracted to the thought of love by default?<br />
<br />
Hmm,why do you have an aversion to technology?<br />
Have you ever paid rent late?<br />
Any thoughts on the whole 'officially' finding water on the moon thing? :)

I haven't really played for a while.. My friends and I used to just play like 5 pound in, winner takes all games, so it wasn't really a lot of money.. We actually got into trouble though once because we were playing at school :/ I thought it was silly.. <br />
Completely.. I'm getting a little bit better but I'm still a bit of a technophobe..<br />
Not really :/ I think that there needs to be a balance of both reward and discipline integrated into the child's daily routine.. Hopefully that type of disciplinary method is preventable..<br />
What else is there?

I have another question and I'll probably forget it before you answer the other questions.. :P<br />
What exactly is it that you find so appealing about love?

'Maybe girls are just mean' :) I have a feeling you just forget to think before talking. :P <br />
<br />
Alrighty..<br />
So you like to play poker..have you ever won or lost a large amount of money playing it or do you just play with oreos? :P <br />
Would you described yourself as technologically challenged?<br />
Do you think the 'time-out' method to discipline children actually works? :P

:) I don't know.. Maybe girls are just mean :P<br />
I was okay.. I was just saying she should take a test before freaking out.. I guess it's different for girls though..<br />
No.. I think I should go and have a look at that site now though.. I'm guessing I'll probably disagree with all of the ratings though..<br />
I don't really see beggars around here..

Well geez,what do you do to get slapped?It's a rhetorical question,but still... o_O<br />
<br />
Did you freak out too? :P<br />
Uh,have you ever rated people on<br />
When was the last time you gave a beggar money?

I think every girl I've ever known has slapped me across the face.. I may be exaggerating slightly..<br />
I don't really buy much.. Maybe some Chinese food.. I don't normally buy takeaway because it's too expensive but for some reason I had some.. <br />
No :) We had a scare once when my ex was late.. She freaked out lots..

Maybe it would be easier if I didn't ask so many questions at once,eh? :) I'm just an inquisitive could be worse,I could not be curious at all and then you would have practically no comments on this little story of yours. :P<br />
"But then I realize I'm a silly who can't really do anything.." Kay,that's really not a nice thing to say about yourself,you know.. <br />
<br />
Have you ever been slapped across the face?<br />
What was the last thing you bought on impulse?<br />
And..since you seem to react so harshly to teenage girls that ask questions about being pregnant,I have to ask...have you ever gotten anyone pregnant? :o

Arg, I feel kind of like I'm sitting an exam.. I keep looking for the easiest question to answer.. I just want to go outside and play with squirrels :)<br />
Okay, concentrate.. I think you're gonna get grumpy with me if I just keep saying 'I don't know' to everything..<br />
I haven't really had my deep thinking hat on recently.. Maybe you could give me a subject to ponder? Make it an easy one though, just to ease me back in :) I was actually just randomly thinking about the multiverse theory.. I don't really know enough about it though to really get anywhere :/<br />
I think that money makes things easier.. And that people who have it have a head start in the race towards happiness.. Just as people who are conventionally 'beautiful' have an advantage.. Obviously happiness is a relative concept though..<br />
Um, I guess.. I don't get hyper, but sometimes when I see things I get a temporary and overwhelming desire to do something.. So if I see a great painting, I might get an overwhelming desire to paint.. Or if I see a great athlete... But then I realize I'm a silly who can't really do anything..<br />
It's been a while.. I can live without it..<br />
No :) I'm a good boy.. <br />
Weird? Um.. Nothing really comes to mind..<br />
Hating takes too much effort :/

You know I'm imagining you chasing a squirrel now. :P<br />
It's an exceedingly amusing thought. :) Oh!And if you streaked your hair pink you'd have more pink stuff! :D<br />
<br />
What was the last subject you thought deeply on?<br />
Do you believe money is an important component in attaining happiness?<br />
Do you ever get into one of those weird hyper moods where you feel like doing something super productive? :P<br />
When was the last time you drank alcohol?<br />
Have you ever given out a fake phone number?<br />
What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in a classroom?<br />
I've probably asked this before but anyway,is there anyone in particular you hate?If so,why?

Of course :) I think I asked you that one didn't I? My friend caught one but it bit him and wouldn't let go :)<br />
I was 16..<br />
I watched WarGames last night..<br />
No often enough :) Usually once a week..<br />
Probably.. I can't think of anything though.. Maybe I need more pink stuff..<br />
Maybe my sister.. Not a real lie though..<br />
Um.. :) Probably a pen..

Mmkay...I come with more questions! :D<br />
Have you ever chased a squirrel?<br />
At what age did you lose your virginity?<br />
What was the last film you watched?<br />
How often to you wash your hair?<br />
Do you own anything pink?<br />
Who was the last person you lied to?<br />
What was the last non-food item you put in your mouth?

The worst thing I've ever done is probably cheating on people.. Or lying to them about my feelings..

No.. I'm really interested about you now though :P<br />
Yes, once.. That wasn't nice..<br />
I don't know :/<br />
Nope.. I already own enough crap :/<br />
I can't remember..<br />
Probably some kind of break up thing :/ Don't really want to get into it..

Okay,fine..have you ever kissed an inanimate ob<x>ject then?Or done that make-out practice thing supposedly teenage girls do? :P<br />
Has anyone ever broken up with you via text message? :o<br />
What's a scent you absolutely can't tolerate?<br />
Have you ever taken a street sign?<br />
What was the last lie you told?<br />
What's the worst thing anyone has ever said to you?

I can't really remember ever saying that to anyone in a serious way :/<br />
Not really.. Probably because I'm the only person that really uses it.. I'd probably be more concerned about a public phone.. <br />
I don't keep them.. Not intentionally anyway..<br />
I've actually had a couple recently, which is kind of strange because before that I haven't had one in years.. There was just a scary guy.. I actually drowned myself in order to wake up :/<br />
I've never done any official volunteer work..<br />
No :) I find reflections kinda creepy..

I know,I'm amazed I could even think up anymore questions...or remember to ask you questions that I've stolen from others. :P<br />
<br />
Who was the last person you said "I hate you" to?<br />
Do you ever consider how many bacteria there are on your phone?<br />
I can't remember if I asked you or if I asked someone else so I'll ask anyway-Do you keep shoe boxes?If so,what do you put in them?<br />
When did you last have a nightmare?What happened in it?<br />
Have you ever done any volunteer work?<br />
Hmm,have you ever kissed your reflection? :)

Wow, new questions :) It's been a while..<br />
Well that's how the saying goes.. I'm kind of a fan of both though.. Sometimes it's hard when you only have one..<br />
I guess I like to think I'm consistent.. I'm not sure though..<br />
Lots of reasons.. I've talked about some of them in other stories here.. I think one of the main reasons though is simply that we wanted different things.. She wanted me to be more ambitious.. I was quite content..

Do you believe actions speak louder than words?<br />
Do you think you contradict yourself often or do you generally see yourself as a consistent person? <br />
Why did you and your girlfriend break-up?

:) I like lots of questions.. I can't really think of good answers to these though. Hmm..<br />
Recently I guess I've been thinking a lot about myself.. I haven't really been doing much and so I've had a lot of time on my own. Really I've just been taking things slow, getting through the day.. I've been sleeping better, and I think I've kind of been taking advantage of that. I've been having some good dreams..<br />
Hmm, I think that's what I need to work out. What sounds good right now is cuddling up to someone..<br />
I've said in the past when asked about suicide, 'I don't think killing myself will make me feel any happier'.. So all the cliches- 'A permanent solution..' ect.. I don't think I've been at that point yet of seeing it as the only option.<br />
I don't think you want to give me that kind of power :)<br />
Unfortunately I don't.<br />
I can't answer that. Too many choices.<br />
I think it has a lot to do with practice.. I mean, if Mozarts father hadn't pushed him..<br />
I think that love is pretty much the point..

Hi drix, I'd like to ask some questions :)<br />
<br />
What do you think about the most?<br />
What makes you happy?<br />
Have you ever thought of killing yourself, if yes, how did you save yourself from doing that?<br />
What's a perfect world to you?<br />
Do you believe in heaven? <br />
What's you favorite movie? Why?<br />
Do you believe in talent or is it all about practice?<br />
How important is love to you? Is it all we need?<br />
<br />
OK that's enough for now (Looking at it again, I asked so many questions.. sorry) :)

Okay, I thought you had lost interest :P<br />
Hmm, I guess I prefer the dark in most situations. I normally keep my curtains closed or whatever.. I guess the light usually just distracts me :/<br />
I don't think so now.. I get pretty jealous anyway.. the thought of the girl I love being with someone else would just freak me out. I don't even like the thought of a girls ex's..<br />
No to the rest..

I have more questions. :]<br />
<br />
When you watch movies,do you do so in the dark?<br />
If someone were to cheat on you..would you give them a second chance?Would it depend on how far they went,the circumstances,etc?<br />
Ever put tape on a cat to see how it reacted? (Like on it's tail)<br />
Have you ever woken up so cold you were shivering? :o<br />
Have you ever changed a car tire?<br />
Ever lick a battery?

I'm not sure :) They were probably just trying to take a nice photograph :) I like how the heart isn't complete.. It's like there's still hope..<br />
I can't remember getting any.. Do you have any advice? :)

I think you got it right though.<br />
Love and forgiveness do not go hand in hand at all.<br />
<br />
and I agree with phedo on the whole cuteness thing..<br />
Of course from where I am standing the word could be hot.<br />
<br />
So. When you look at your profile picture, what do you think the person who drew it was thinking or trying to convey?<br />
<br />
When you were a child, were you ever given a piece of advice that you always seem to remember, even if you dont want to?

Strange question, I'm not really sure I understand what you're asking.. I can forgive people that I don't love and I can love someone and not forgive them.. I don't know..

Well I don't think I am, but I'm glad someone does :) How am I cute?<br />
I'm trying my best to be nice, and I'm glad that that translates to people seeing me in a positive way.. It's nice to be seen in any kind of way so I appreciate it :)<br />
So to answer your question, I'm cute because you think I'm cute.. :)

my question for you will-why are you so cute?:)

I don't really know what unfair is. I don't really have any expectations and I don't automatically assume that I deserve anything.. In the past I've been known to blame the world.. To blame my circumstances, but really, it's just not worth it..

What is unfair for you?

I've been known to do some frolicking :)<br />
No, I did put a movie on but then it got interesting :) I didn't get to sleep until late. Not really, just anything that keeps me from thinking too much.

:]<br />
<br />
So I suppose you've never frolicked in a meadow or an overgrown field,preferably one dotted with wild flowers?(Nice thought,eh?)<br />
Did you watch another movie so you could get to sleep?Is there a particular movie that you usually watch to get yourself sleepy?

:)<br />
Not too often recently. I don't really like to watch clouds on my own, I prefer to cuddle up with someone as they float by :)

I've gone butterfly catching before. :) You admire them for a moment and then you gaze as they float away on the breeze.It's quite enjoyable. :]<br />
<br />
Hmm. :)<br />
<br />
How often do you watch clouds go by?

I might chase butterflies but I don't think I'd really want to catch them =]

:]<br />
<br />
So,would you ever actually go butterfly catching?

:)<br />
I'd like there to be. I know that if I meet the right person, I'd like to spend my life with them and only them.

wow. i am most turned on by a guy's eyes and chest. wow.<br />
<br />
do u believe there is only 'one' soul-mate out there for u? <br />
<br />
<br />
i think there's more than one who can 'read ur soul'.....for sure, and thats where it gets tricky.

Most hot? Um, in what sense, as in most attractive? I kind of like my eyes and I kind of like my chest :)<br />
:) No, just regular tummy butterflies :)

what do u consider most hot about yourself?<br />
<br />
when i read that u recently got butterflies for a girl---my first thought was that u caught them in a net for her to hold and then set free.

I didn't really enjoy being a child :( Having a little 'Stand By Me' moment, I guess I miss the friends I used to have :( I also miss the ease of being able to meet new people.<br />
I just wondered what time it was, then stumbled around trying to find my watch :)<br />
I don't usually stop everything I'm doing, but sometimes I try to have conversations with birds, and then think I've said something offensive in bird language :P<br />
I don't really like wind chimes.

Aww,that's cute. :]<br />
<br />
What do you miss most about being a child?<br />
What was your first thought when you woke up today?<br />
Do you ever stop and listen when you hear birds tweet?What about wind chimes?

Fairly recently. It's strange because I haven't looked at a girl in that way for a long time. I saw a girl and we smiled at each other and I felt all embarrased and shy. It was a nice feeling :)<BR>Okay, I just wouldn't have thought of people as things :)

When was the last time you got butterflies for a girl?<br />
<br />
My previous questions.. thing can be a person or ob<x>ject.

@Amaya. Probably getting butterflies for a girl.<br />
I don't normally get anything interesting. I wish more people would send me letters :( If I'm expecting something I might get a little excited :)<br />
I thinks clerks get a little annoyed with me, but I'd prefer to pay in exact change if I can.

@Goofy. Besides a couple of the films I've seen recently, I'm not sure. You said thing so... I don't know, I'm still not sure :(<br />
I fell asleep watching a film so I don't know. Watching a bad film is the only way I've been able to clear my mind enough to fall asleep recently.<br />
You said thing again... Maybe something nice to eat. Though if something nice to eat appeared in front of me, I probably wouldn't want to eat it.

When was the last time you felt nervous?Why?<br />
Are YOU excited when you receive mail? :]<br />
Do you like it when you can pay with exact change?

Whats the last thing you looked at that made you stop and say "wow"?<br />
<br />
Whats the last thing you thought of before you fell asleep last night?<br />
<br />
If you could have one thing appear in front of you right now, what would it be?

Wow, that's a lot of questions :) I think I'll just give yes/no answers unless I have something to say.<BR>I've never sailed a yacht- Wow, that's a strangely spelled word :/<BR>I have rowed a canoe.<BR>Yes. <BR>It all comes back eventually, and then I get the 'Arg' reaction I've already spoken about.<BR>I lost a shoe while trying to jump over a river :/<BR>Yes, too often :( I actually wrote about that in my 'no motivation' story.<BR>Um, I don't know If I should be ashamed but yes I have. But then, I think all of his friends probably checked her out.<BR>Not since I was young. I'd like to see one now.<BR>I don't drive.<BR>I'm sorry they weren't interesting :(

Have you ever....<br />
sailed a yatch, rowed a canoe, seen a shooting star, been too drunk to remember the night before, lost a shoe, had cold pizza for breakfast, checked out a friends mother, seen a ballet, locked the keys in the car?? And please supply interesting details where applicable.

I don't really believe in anything. I don't think those things exist though, and even if they do, it doesn't make much difference to me. I think there are far more fascinating things in the world already.<br />
I'm not sure- A spider would probably be easier to kill. But then I'd be trapped in a room all alone :(<br />
I don't really like washing dishes. If I have some gloves then it's okay, but I like my hands how they are and they get all messed up without gloves. Me sporting a pair of marigolds isn't really the most manly sight though :)<br />
It's a nice thought, but I wouldn't of thought so.

I think playing a 'baddie' is more fun - they seem to get far better character development.<br />
I dont think its selfish to take the opportunity for a better life - unless Im selfish too. <br />
<br />
Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot?<br />
Which would scare you more - being trapped in a room with a poisonous snake or a poisonous spider?<br />
What is your least favourite household chore?<br />
Do you think singing to plants helps them grow better?

Because of the way I look, I'm normally cast as a 'baddie', but I don't mind :) In my real life I'm happy being a 'goodie' though :)<BR>I'm not sure, though I think I may have had some imaginary enemies.<BR>I've been to a small circus, I'd like to go to a really big one though.<BR>It would depend on my situation at that time. I'm not really interested in money, but if I had people to support I'd be more careful. If I was single I think I'd just go travelling. I realize how selfish it is, but if the opportunity for a better life came to me, I'm not sure I could turn it down.

Oh many, many things - though its hard to remember them all ;)<br />
<br />
When it comes to being in play/performance would you rather play a 'goodie' or a 'baddie'?<br />
Did you have an imaginary friend?<br />
Have you ever been to the/a circus?<br />
If you won a substantial amount of money would you be more inclined to invest it, spend it, or give it away?

:)<br />
Well I'm very impressed by you reading the whole thread, I hope you learned something?<br />
I'm not sure, I don't think my sense of smell is really all that keen. I've recently been craving something from my youth and remembering the smell, but I have no idea what it is Grr.<br />
I don't really watch T.V. If I did I would probably channel surf looking for a film to watch.<br />
I always ask if they would prefer me to.<br />
I've been in a few plays and I studied drama. Most recently I played Eddie in an adaptaion of Blood Brothers.

Heh, my first real date with Max was an exhibition at an art gallery :) and I have a particular naughty fantasy about a gallery at night ;)<br />
Im sorry if my tree house question made you sad *hugs*<br />
<br />
I just read ALL the qs and as in order to ask you something you havent been asked before... PHEW! And now its time for me to go to bed so I can't even really join in the fun.... Ill have to find you tomorow.<br />
<br />
One more:<br />
Whats your favourite smell?<br />
Do you channel surf or stick with what you are watching until the end?<br />
Do you take your shoes off at other peoples houses?<br />
Have you ever been in a school play? If so which play and what part did you perform?<br />
<br />
I can never stop at one.... Nite sweetie :)

@Amaya. :)<br />
No, I used to have a little teddy bear money box, but it unscrewed at the bottom.<br />
I had a rabbit when I was really young.<br />
Sometimes, but I usually read or talk so...

@Roary. Maybe. I would love to be in a musium at night, particularly an art musium. I think it would be a great place to have a date.<br />
Yes. I wrote more here but it was depressing :(<br />
Not for any extended period of time.<br />
I've worn a top hat, but to my knowledge never a bow tie.

Maybe.Possibly.Probably.I tried a while ago.I couldn't fall asleep.I might try again in a bit.<br />
We had this clock that had a tick-tock that was really noticeable when it was quiet and I couldn't figure out where the batteries were on it so I had to make it conveniently 'disappear'.Hehe. >:)<br />
<br />
Have you ever had a piggy bank that you ended up breaking?<br />
Did you have any childhood pets (besides the fish from the fair)?<br />
Do enjoy looking out the window when you're on trains?

Do you think the museum comes alive at night?<br />
Did you have a tree house when you were a kid?<br />
Would you ever live on a boat?<br />
Have you ever worn a top hat or bow tie?

I'm not sure, maybe you need to go to bed? :)<br />
Trains are probably my favourite way to travel. I don't really like being confined, so I like being able to move easily and walk around. I guess I don't like the price of tickets and having to change trains so many times that it takes four hours to get somewhere 80 miles away :/<br />
It does. It's okay if I don't notice it, but as soon as I do, it's hard to think of anything else.

o:<br />
Forgot the possible time difference.I mean it's only 3am here but I was referring to yesterday I guess,did I ask yesterday? o.O<br />
<br />
Have you ever been on a train?If so,what did you like/dislike about it?<br />
Does the tick-tock of clocks bother you?

Lakes, rivers, ponds, pools...<br />
It's still early :)

Of course I give good hugs!They're warm n' fuzzy and wholeheartedly warmhearted . =]<br />
<br />
What are some of the different things you've jumped into,if you can recall? o.O<br />
And how was your day?Nothing new?

=] Thank you, I hope you give good hugs? 'cause I really needed one.<br />
I learned a little late. I got my first proper bike when I was six, so I looked a little silly still having to use stabilizers at that age :) I had a friend who was younger than me that taught me, and I learned pretty quickly. I became a little bit of a showoff :)<br />
There's not too many fountains around here, but I've jumped into just about everything else.

You are a good person. :) It has become evident to me in the short time period I've known you.You won't be in your situation forever,I just can't see you in this position for too long.For what it's worth,I think you'll find happiness one way or another. =]<br />
I'd hug you if I was with you,I know that's a bit creepy but ah well.A virtual hug with just have to do,*HUGS*. :P<br />
<br />
How are you doing?<br />
Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike?<br />
Have you ever jumped into a fountain?

I don't like feeling this way and being in the situation that I'm in. I think that I'm a good person but... I don't know. I guess both.

No,I haven't seen it....*HUGS* Are you saying you don't like yourself? :( Is it deeply rooted or is it more of an occasional passing feeling?

Hehe, a little =]<br />
No, no pulp for me thank you.<br />
I do not. I don't know if you've seen the Steve Martin movie 'The Lonely Guy'? but in that, the guy's that are lonely get ferns to keep them company and talk to. I don't really want to turn into one of those guys. It's a funny film, but it's hugely depressing if you're a guy in my position. Here's a line from it so you can see what I mean- 'I don't like to take naps. I don't like to wake up more than once a day. 'Cause when I first wake up I get that shock of who I am and everything. I... I really don't like to do that more than once a day.' That's a depressing feeling :(<br />
I have, but not since I was really young.

Kinky fellow,eh?Hehe. X]<br />
<br />
Do you like pulp in your orange juice or no?<br />
Do you have a house plant?<br />
Have you ever gone fishing?

I forgot about that one :). I don't particularly like gestures from random people anyway. If someone in my circle wants to handcuff me or give me a spongebath, I think I'd be okay with it.<br />
Not yet, but it's only a matter of time.

What about the 'sponge bath' one?! D:<br />
<br />
Have you had a dream about EP yet?

I'm not sure, I think I've probably sent most of them :) Maybe 'Handcuff' or 'propose' could be a little creepy if you didn't know the person.<br />
Apart from myself sometimes, not really. I prefer to just try to remain indifferent to people that I do not like.

No need to say sorry. :P<br />
People overuse that word.I appreciate the honesty by the way. :)<br />
As long as the animals aren't put in pain and knowledge can come out of it I'm not usually against it.<br />
<br />
What is the creepiest,or one of the creepiest,gestures they have on EP in your opinion?<br />
Do you hate anyone?