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I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

No I'm std free

OK. I caught Gonorrhea here in Bangkok, Thailand shortly after moving here and I have it ever since. I don't know which girl I caught it from because I have had sex with so many. I never use condoms.

would you wet your panties or let me lick you while your peeing ?


Are you in college

Night classes

What are you studying




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i wanna lick you while your really desperate till you cant hold it anymore and then feel your hot pee in my mouth and all over my body
would you maybe like it ?

Do ya like anal?

Do you like a man that can stretch your cookie real good or do you like women


Then hit me up luv

Will you please add me? I love playing video games.

Do you like male desperation


Have you been spanked as a child/teen? If yes, until what age? What implement? Was it on the bare or not?

R u very horny

msg me plz

where was you at when your got pantsed and your green bikinis and what else did you have on

where was you at when your got pantsed and your green bikinis and what else did you have on

do you spit or swallow?


what are you most proud of in your life ?

what makes you happy

Do u like to play with ur butt hole?

do you have hipsters or bikinis that are neon green

No there just green

have you ever posed for naked pics ?


And did you enjoy the experience ?

what do you have on today bra and undies

No bra and orange panties

have you ever been ****** whilst others watch you ?


How many watched ? And was it a mixture of men and women who watched ?

5 and yes a mixture

And were you completely naked ?


Did any of the people watching join in ?


How many of them ****** you ?


did you know them or were they strangers ?


wow. You are incredible. Please add me. did you know 3 people were going to **** you or did it just develop ?

Just developed

and were you comfortable with it or was there anything done against your will ?


and were pics taken ?


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What kind of panty u wearing now me a gray thong from vs

Green Hanes bikini

Nice love bikinis does bra match

No pink bra

Nice love pink u should match

Love to see a pic of u in that bikini check out my pics

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Hi did you ever oppen the door to someone totally naked ? or being forced to be nude, lost bet. beeing onlly one nude and others dressed, why?


do u like black guys

Love them

i have a 10 inch bbc. message me

What gets you turned on the easiest? What has been the naughtiness sexual thing you have done? Will you add me?

have you ever made a guy real hard and how did you do it

Favorite place to be kissed?

Lips or ***

Sounds fun

Have you ever seen or played with an uncircumcised penis? If so, what do you think?

When was the last time a boy ****** you?

Have you ever peed on a boy before? Have you ever let a boy pee on you?

what would you do if you had your skirt lifted up and your panties was out in the open for everyone to see

I messaged you more questions.

Have you ever been ****** by a boy who was a little bit younger than you?

Why does this place attract so many very cute and young lesbians?

Have you ever had sex with a white boy?

Well, have you?


Will you answer if I PM you more questions about that experience?


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May I PM you questions about your first time having sex?

would you "do it" with me upstairs(your parents bedroom) while your parents are having dinner downstairs? idk what is so exciting about it but it just is.


would you say yes if i cover your mouth while i doggy your from behind so your parents can't hear your moans?


do you ever get tired of someone asking you about this?

Not really

can i chat role-play you?

do you go on other social sites?

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do you enjoy ***?


*** *****

Were you ever spanked for gong pee/poop in your diaper?


Inbox me

Your best asset?

what your most embarrassing moment

do you like wedgie?


some me girls gave me a major wedgie wanna pic?

Do you like hair or no hair?

Either is fine

im an 18 year old boy would you humiliate me and degrade me with my own undies?

Not really

what would you do if someone saw you in your undies

Smile I wear my undies around the house

you like black ****


what is your Zodiac sign

what color is your bedroom


what color are your undies


have you experienced multiple nipple org-asms and would you like to share mine

do you wear jeans leggings or skirts

All of the above

Do you touch yourself?

What would you do if you caught a guy ************ while sniffing your panties?

Smile and tell him to continue

Why do you like to get on Ep miss?

one of my sisters likes neon green


favorite color

Neon green

what do you sleep in pajamas t-shirt/undies undies or nude

Tshirt and undies

Would love to see you spread eagle in your fav pair of undies with your ***** soaking wet

I would love to see you spread eagle in your favorite pair.

oldest middle or youngest

I'm the middle

what is your favorite pair

Green and blue striped hipster

Vs ones are the best u wear ve ones

Bikini or thong

Bikini I don't wear thongs

what color undies r u wearing?


You like Anal?

Spit or Swallow?


What is sexier to wear Leather or Latex? High Boots or shoes x

are you trying to get bred?


I think you should ;)

Getting lots of ***, in your fertile puss


wanna talk about it? ;)

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are you or have you been spanked by your parents


are you shaved or natural down below? what size **** you like?

Shaved, and big huge

What do you consider big? What the smallest and biggest you have seen in person?

any brothers or sisters

One sister one brother

2 brothers one older and one younger and 13 year old triplet sisters


Ever been creampied without birth control

Yes **** condoms I always bareback

have you been pantsed


what bikini or hipster did you have on when you was pantsed

Green bikini

wanna role-play?

What do u think is se*ier to wear Leather or latex hun?

have you ever experienced multiple nipple org-asms...would you like to try mine

do you want me to wear pullups every night or no

Guess what

Guess what

Have you ever been dared to buy pull-ups


who dared you and how many did you get

A pack my friend

I had a nightmare last night do you trust me in underwear tonight or no


No what

No I don't trust you in underwear tonight

tell me I had a nightmare last night and your gonna have me wear pull-ups tonight

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What panties are you wearing right now?;)

Purple and orange bikini

Cute :) is it a design or what?


Solid the waist band is orange the rest purple

It's one of those thongs that has has a lot of material it's barley a thong but bright green almost neon :)

Mmmmm hot

Thanks cutie :)

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Pm me hun i need ur help

Are you gonna wear panties or pull-ups tonight

what kind of dares have you done

what do you think of babies

Love them

my girlfriend and I are expecting a baby in April


my girlfriend had the baby Tuesday it's a girl Alyssa Nicole is her name


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What brand of diapers do you wear

Pampers and goodnights

I wear depends pull-ups do you want me to continue wearing them


Yes or no

Why do you wear diapers?

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did u ever steal a guy from a gf?


naughtiest sexual thing you did?

You sound interesting - do you mind if I ask what kind of bikini do you like to wear and why please?


Would you like to share with me exactly how you like to wear your bikini bottoms?

how often u **********

Would you ever spank a guy for discipline?

What's your favorite position? Ever made fun of a small ****? What do you consider small, average and big?