This could be interesting.
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16 Responses Feb 7, 2015

So you want an affair? Did you have someone in mind or do you just like how hot it is to be wanted more than his wife?

That's always a dangerous door to open lol

Hi Tiff. Ok... Can I be the married guy you have an affair with? :)

Have you ever been with a married man?

You are very interesting

Why no pics, your are sweet!!!

What's your favorite type of underwear?

Real interesting??? big one wants you, but I'm white ???

What do you find attractive about older men?

True. Experience and confidence

I've never had an experience with someone your age. I'm sure it is an amazing boost for a guy my age.

I am in the process of extracting my baby girl, oops age gap she is 23. I can't wait to get her here!!!!

Lol add me ID love to ask you some!

can you add me plz? :D

...don't forget BWC's ???

Do you like to make baked potatoes on wednesdays, or on Thursdays and every other saturday?

Hello.. Fancy a chat? :-)

what are you wearing right now?

white ***** or BBC?