Meh, why not?
Got questions? Its time to ask xD
lilylove5 lilylove5
22-25, F
64 Responses Mar 7, 2015

would you stayed naked in front of friends of your boyfriend?

What is it that you loved about giving bj

Chocolate or Sex?

have u considered shaving your head bald

will u add me lily

will u do the perfume challenge

will u accept if any stranger come and ask you for sex?

Is co..-size important for you?

may I

Do ya like anal sex?

you love bj??

I really want to suck your milky boobs whole night.

What is the special moment that you will never ever stop thinking about or recall when feel sad?.

How big is your bf's dong?

What feelings are your brain having when you hold a **** of a loved one in your hand ?

Would u ever be interested in trading a pic i would love to see ur full body..doesnt need to be a full nude

If I ask you are question will you return fire? ;)

What type of men do u like?

Panties, Thong, Commando?

What naughty thing are you really willing to do today?

What brand do you smoke?

Is lily your real name?

Do you remember your first complete or pelvic exam and how you reacted to the physician?

what bring you here? had it been good so far?

just for chat with people...yeah i guess its fine with right people

Can i see ur navel lol?

Are you going to share your modeling photos?

Nope, firstly i dont get them

Do u smoke?

yup i do

Great to know that!

Spit or swallow?

swallow for sure.

Yeah me to lol

what is your obsession?

cooking, shopping, clubbing

What have you got in your nipple piercings? Barbells or hoops?


Have you ever been caught naked or naked outside or in public


loved you stories and experiences
would like to be in your circle
please add

How many partners have you had

What happen to your pics ?

OK so............ Do you actually feel it when a man **** inside you - And do you care?

Biggest **** you've sat on?

How were ur exams ?

do you get turned on by guys who are big and black down there?

Was there ever a time you did stay in the shower room while couples were having sex? And, did you watch them?

yes but didnt bother..i just left after showering.

Holy crap these guys need to get a life. Lol

Have you ever messed around with a girl, kiss, shower together, touch, etc?


That is hot! I am picturing it now!!! Tell us more, Please!

You are so adorable! How young were you when you had you first sexual experience, playing doctor fondling, etc..

lol thanks

well i was around 18.

do you like to watch men ************?

do you know what a wedgie is

Do you do yoga nude?

Yes i do

How are you? What is your favorite activity in the summertime?

I am doing good.

Well i love to travel, maybe go on a hike or camp would be cool too xD

What has been your best experience on EP?

just talking with people from around the world

Best part n feature of EP.

Are you often naked with your boyfriend when you are not having sex?

Yup pretty much most of the time. We live together so yeah why not xD

Do you like to read?

Not much actually

Have you ever opened the door totaly naked or be only one naked in front of more people when they are dressed? with who and why? just liked, forced, lost bet?

Not really, i always wear a robe or something before doing such thing

Have you ever had sex with anybody other than your current boyfriend?

Actually no, my bf is my first one

can i suck your hot n sexy boobs whole night ??

What's the sluttiest dirtiest thing u have ever done during sex

Would u like to expose your body to anyone in EP? If yes, who's that?

Have you ever opened the door totaly naked or be only one naked in front of more people when they are dressed? with who and why? just liked, forced, lost bet?

Can you send me a picture please?

do you like having toes sucked?

Yes, my boyfriend has a huge feet fetish too

could I see your feet please?

whats your favorite sex thing to do?

can i say Sex in general?

I guess why not lol

actual age?


when did your boyfriend take your virginity?

when i was 18 and he was 19

did you enjoy it?

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whats it like being an adult

Do you prefer Oral, Vaginal, or Anal sex? all 3 ? mmmm

oral and vaginal

when did you first have anal sex?

i am still a anal virgin, so not yet xD

aww ok! so do you like the idea of anal?

Yup why not, i am keeping myself anal virgin till marriage haha

that's a good idea! lol let your husband pop one of your cherries

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Would you let a guy **** your ******* + then turn around + suck his **** ?

Yeah i would.

R u a squirter how
Many fingers can u fit in your pissy and have u ever had dp

i am not sure if i am a squirter or not, tried it few times but didn't work out as expected.

and nope never had dp or ********* yet.

Will you describe the panties you are wearing

lol i am at home now, so nothing xD

Do you always not wear panties at home?

Haha there is nothing wrong with that lol