Ask away!

I will answer anything honestly, don't ask for an add though :/
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Animals ???

have you done anal yet? 😉

you rinse your *** out good before and let him *** in your ***? i read of your love for ***... damn youre fine!!! 😍

oh god yes. i love pulling out and ******* in a girls mouth!!!💘💦💦💦

i would love to see your photos 😘😘😘

can i be ur next old man u sleep with?

pervert old man loving slutty ladies

Do you like *** facials?

Ever been to a nudist beach or resort

Did u have fun on the beach, who did u go with

Very few places over here allow single people. So what did u enjoy most whilst on beach

That iss fun and for us guys always a reaction lol

Is today a g-string day?

Have you ever had a "golden shower"?

I salute you! Eye

If u understand my sarcasm which u don't, I ain't having a dig at u, for not understanding queens English it means, two finger salute hence two finger which mean **** off! Eye means Yesss so put them together and it means Yess *** off! Not u!
Now on to u, u have took the time and effort to alert me of that so I guess I know u! Thank u very much for pointing it out and that says that u can now pm me and tell me about urself! Not here message me or peace out and namaste x

What inspired you to swallow *** from five guys?

That's a good girl

would love ******* you sloppy seconds!!!!!

Have you ever opened the door totally naked or be only one naked in front of more people they are dressed? lost naked bet? accidentally nude? forced to ***** nude?

Would you let me drink your hot ****?

Would you **** a fit guy who can just make you moderately happy or a fat guy who can make u extremely happy ? (Happy=pleasure)

i'm fat. i'm happy now coz there is still hope for me. Thanks 4 ur opinion.

Have you ever watched a guy **********? And have you ever let a guy watch you **********?

Want to watch each other sometime, the Mutual ************ experience? I'm always up for that. It's so much more satisfying, the "see, and be seen" experience as opposed to hiding out in our rooms all alone.

How big is ur ****

That wasn't the question was it! Go back and read ur question! It clearly say "ask me anything" so my question I asked u was "how big is ur nob" I ain't blind am I? I know ur a female wtf?????

Lol x

wanna see me naked!

Do you know urethral play?

Inserting things inside the peehole

I love doing it, look at my pics...
Good for girls also

Great pics, you are hot! Could I see your bare feet? PM me if you like

Do you like having your toes sucked?

Could I see your bare feet and/or you sucking your toes?

Why can't everyone see your pics?

No I don't but I'd like to see them

"She" doesn't want everyone to see her pics then it would be too easy for more people to know "she" is fake. Reverse image search...

How naughty are your pics

Have you ever received bukake?

Feel like chatting

Msg me

Hi there May I ask what is your Bra size please>

do you swallow

do you like to give oral

How are you? Did you have a good weekend?

What did you do?

Sounds fun

whats the kinkiest thing you have ever done? and don't hold back

what was the biggest gang bang you've ben in?

what was it like?

what did they do to you?

so hot!!! ever used a *******?

did you use it on guys or girls?

oh that's hot!!! how did you end up using it on a guy?

did you enjoy doing that?

when did you first suck a ****?

damn you started young!

what was your first sexual experience?

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How many guys have you ******?

what do you think of anal sex?

when did you first have anal?

damn that's young! what was it like?

how did you end up having anal then?

where did you get the idea for anal at 12?

when was the last time you had your *** ******?

oh that's hot! how did you get your *** ******?

like doggy?

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Hi did you ever oppen the door to someone totally naked ? or being forced to be nude, lost bet. beeing onlly one nude and others dressed, why?

I would love to know how you like your **** licked and how you like to start out with finger in ***** till you your soaking wet and ready to be licked and massaged???

ever being tied up or handcuffed

How were you cuffed or tied and did you like it

would you do it again

Do you like *** on your ****? Do your go braless

Oh very nice!!! Have you ever drove topless or been in public with *** on your face and boobs?

How can I see your big boobs

Ok then been a topless passenger? Or gave a blow job or licked ***** as the drive drove

Nice!! Are you in high school or college

Nice. Have you had sex with a professor?

Something to work on!! Would you flash me?

very nice!!!! what are you wearing?

would you ever **** a mom and her son

So naughty

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What has been your favorite expirience with another woman ?

How many ***** have you had inside you at the same time?

Would you take 2 in your arse at once?

do u like naughty mommies?

When was your first ****? How old was he?

Where is the most exciting place you have had sex. Referring to location

Does your dad know what you do?

will you come w me to an adult book store where we'll go into the theater section and i''l have all the men in there **** and *** in all your holes and all over your body

such a good to have you as my ****, my *****, my *** licker

What's your personal ****** record in 1 day?

Go go! ^_^