I will answer any question you ask, gladly... but you have to be willing to answer the same question
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What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

Do you think I am sick to want to see my wife with another man,read my fantasy and let me know'
This is just a fantasy for me but hope you enjoy,

I have only ever shared her once,we were at a party and she had been drinking,which she would not usually do.She was getting flirty with this surfer dude which was also unusual for her and I suggested she have a dance with him,well she just strode right up to him and said "c'mon lets dance".I sat back and watched to see what would happen and pretty soon I seen his hand dropping down to her ***.I got a ***** right there and then and decided to see where this would go.So after another dance she comes back to me and I notice she is flushed and out of breath a little."Did you enjoy that"I asked and she replied ÿeah".So I plied her with more drinks and after about an hour I suggested we should go soon,but she wanted to stay and have some fun for a change.So I suggested we should go home but ask surfer dude if he needed a lift,this was done and he came with us in our car but as his home was past our place I suggested he should sleep it off at our home.Well she surprised me when she suggested he should sleep in our bed as we didn't have another bed ready.I quickly agreed and we all showered and slipped off to bed.I don't know why he didn't find this arrangement a bit strange but he just acted as though it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing.At first we just lay there with my wife in the middle so I started to caress her body and soon found myself bumping into his hands all over her as well.One thing led to another and before I know it he has her legs up over his shoulders and is about to enter my wife's beautiful *****.I leaned over and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted and she just said Ït's too late now"and at that moment he leaned forward and rubbed the head of his **** along her soaking wet slit.Another thrust forward and he was half in her and she was moaning like I never heard her moan before.His **** was a lot thicker and a good deal longer than mine and I knew he was going to be going places I had never been before.I swear when he pushed all the way in I could see by the look on her face that she was close to her first ******."That feels so good "she said and he commented that this was a nice tight *****,tighter than many he had before,I knew what he felt because my little **** was the only one to ever be there before that night.She came a couple of times before he unloaded in her and he seemed to *** in her for minutes.When he pulled out I seized the day and went down to eat his *** out of her stretched and inflamed *****,leaving my arse in the air and open to attack,he didn't need an invitation and pushed his big knob into my virgin arse,man it hurt for a while until he had that knob past my sphincter and started to push his length into me.I was in Seventh heaven,a face full of *** ridden ***** and an arseful of **** .It wasn't long before he deposited another load in me and I had the same look on my face as the wife.Before he left in the morning I sucked him to full size again and watched on jealously as he pumped another load into my wife.That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen,watching her ***** lips being spread wide and that lovely **** pushing all the way into the hilt.

Sadly we never met him again and there was no repeat performances( I think when she sobered up her Catholic upbringing caused her a lot of guilt),but I will always have those memories and I have bought a lifelike ***** to slip into her when she gets a bit tipsy and remind her what a real **** felt like.

glad it worked for u

Do you have a boyfriend who would like to make love to you after some stud has just *** in you

Do you like older rock & roll --- like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Stones? I love all those bands.


What is your favorite food?


What was your favorite vacation?

Probably keywest and the beaches and snorkeling

What is your favorite tv show?

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u like anal sex?

yes, u

Did you ever poop your pants accidentally in public? And if you did, was a part of you secretly pleased about being "naughty"?

already responded to one like tbis

What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

don't u get flicked out

How do you mean?

would you sit on my face? yes I would sit on yours

I'd have to know u better

ok lets talk.

Do you poo yourself

I try not to

But you like peeing

Have you ever wet your pants in public? If so, where? :)

yes at the mall

Have you ever used your body to control boys/men?


How old were you and who did you control?


Would you like to visit England one day ? X

yes that would be fun

Good ; ) You can vacation for free in my London apartment and sleep in my King Size bed young Chloe xoxo

Can you do the splits?
Do you give footjobs?
Do you like facesitting?

yes x 3

Pity i can't give 3 hearts!

What's your usual style of underwear - or don't you bother? :)

usually thongs and demi cup bras

Would you pose for a photo for me wearing your favourite Thong and Demi Cup Bra ? X

Have you had anal, if so do you enjoy it, yes for me

have a post about this

I loved reading your Anal post Chloe ; ) X

Have you ever opened the door totaly naked or be only one naked in front of more people when they are dressed? with who and why? just liked, forced, lost bet?

no I havent

have you ever had sex with someone more than twice your age?


Hi, I should have read all of your stories before asking. I just read about the first older guy you were with - 40 when you were 19. That's so hot. I haven't been with a girl half my age yet. The closest I've had was 22 when I was 40. She was solo much fun. After reading your stories, I really love your sexuality and your curiosity. I find it very arousing. I was wondering- how many people have you had sex with and what's your biggest fantasy?

while I appreciate your question, I don't have any intention of answering the first, after all why does it matter and it is also impolite to kiss and tell. the second has to be, meet a nice but firm older guy, who can make me feel b I think safe and helpless, fall in love and get married and have many kids

we can watch the Gators and Noles game together..... : )

sure... nah nee nah nee nahnah


Do you like cuddling on the coach and laying in a mans arm while watching football.

um... till we score. yes

Do the drapes match the curtains?

nope hardwood floors

I like your style. Hardwood floors require maintenance. But it's worth it.


Have you ever tried wearing a diaper just for fun


what did you think of it

I'm trying to stay away from shooting dope I'm 4 days clean what do sober people do

go hiking

Thank you
I'll give that a try once it stops raining

try cooking it's an indoor thing that takes paying attention

Thanks for the advice Im looking up things to cook now

Went hiking yesterday it was nice to get out of my space thanks for the adevice

Most newly clean and sober people go to meetings!

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what's your favourite animal?

probably a cat