Ask me questions ppl home alone
Sluttyruby Sluttyruby
18-21, F
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what is the sluttiest thing you've done lately

Did you oppen the door totally naked to someone , stranger? or being forced to ***** nude? onlly one nude ? or lost nude bet?....

Would you have sex with me?;)

What is your favorite food?

Would you play ***** poker in at a party in front of a bunch of people? Do you want to lose and have everyone look at you?

****, ******** or one on one? Which do you choose?

Gang bang

want to send me some nudes?


aww well if you ddi put up some pics of your **** or somthing do you think you would get off to the idea that a ton of guys would be ******* to you?

If they are they should hmu so I can jerk them off .

nice you should totaly send me a pic or 2 and ill send you some back

Please jerk me off;)

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what is your skype


what is your deepest sexual fantasy

Being tied up and **** infornt of ppl

such a stunning female ;) where are you from?


Las Vegas

no wonder your so gorgeous ;) Vegas girls are yum ;)

Lol and remember what happens in Vegas stats I'm Vegas

i would stay he he he >:) ;)

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