Always wanted to do one of these, ask away (:
notsoinnocentteenager notsoinnocentteenager
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Ever been handcuffed or tied up

What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

Hmmmm I'd take full advantage of you (: I'll start by shoving u into my ***** <3

has anyone ever rubbed your ***** or fingered you in public besides fantasy fest?

Hmmmmm in a crowded train, yes (: an old guy came up behind me and started to touch my butt and gave it a firm squeeze (:

Do you like strangers and/or sending pics?

I don't mind strangers!! I don't mind sending pics of my boobs, I'm currently working out now, wanna get a really nice and firm butt so that I can upload it soon (:

May I see boobs and butt? If you want to see something I can send it your way ;)

Just added you into my circle, go check my album (:

You have such a wonderful body

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Have you ever screwed 2 guys at one time? Have you ever been screwed up your butt?

Love anal. The very first time was a guy shoving a butt plug, it's still pretty tight. It hurts but turns me on so much!

I sucked my friend's **** once and his friend ****** me from behind, it was great (:

I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

No, hopefully not in the future too (:

what was the most kinkiest thing that you've ever done ?

Mmmm I role played with my ex boyfriend once, I was a nurse and he was patient... (:

i bet he felt better real fast

How many men have you ****** at the same time?

Mmmm 3 (:

Wow, sounds like you had fun!

Do ya like anal sex?

Yes (:

Very nice! ;-) Do ya like to receive creampies?

Love it (:

is your ***** smooth?

Yes (:

Awesome! Can I eat you out?

Yeses please (:

How about someone a little closer in age ;)

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Have you ever been spanked, if so by who?

Mmm my boyfriend, ex boyfriend and a few people (;

What would you think about if a dirty old man groped your **** in public?

I'd love it and get horny, pretty sure my nipples would perk up (:

Excellent, hope I see you in public soon.

Do you like girls

Not in that way, but I do like it when a girl licks my **** (:

I'm bi. I will if you need me too.

have you ever wondered what it would be like to let a dog mount you and **** you silly?


What one fantasy do you have that you have never told anyone about?

Having sex with a teacher for a better grade, sucking him off and riding him on the teachers table (:

Naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Mostly it's the guys who do naughty things to me but definitely the time I rubbed a a guy's **** in public (:

did anyone see you?

Hope not (: