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What is your favorite food?

Hello, how are you? I was wondering What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal?😂

What is the oldest guys you have had sex with? How many guys have you been with at one time?

sluttiest thing you've ever done

Too hard to answer

random **** thing that you've done then and want to text me :)

what's the biggest size you ever had in you

I don't usualy carry my handy dandy **** measuring tape with me, but based on my supreme knowledge, I would say 10 inches

handy dandelion/ **** measuring haha

how many times in your life you haven't worn the panties?

"The panties", are there some sort of special panties with mystical powers that you are referring to?

Do you have a innie or outie belly button and is it pierced or not

Innie with a piercing

Can you post a picture of your piercing

I like your belly button, too, and I dig the pubes at the bottom of the pic.

damn, I post a picture here just for you and you don't even reply, **** that

Sorry you have a cute belly button

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last time you ***********?

This morning

Would you tease your #1 fan and watch him stroke for you;)

I already have

Lol darn how about me then

Where is the craziest/ most exciting place u have been naked

Probably in a car at a rest stop haha

Did u ride there naled or get naked wen already there?

Where is the best place you have ever gone for a spontaneous swim and why?

ah the swim in clothes guy, you know towhead below here usually only asks about anal, and this time he changed it up just for me, why couldn't you be like that?

I have taken on board what you said and have tried to be less 'pervy' I enjoy wild swimming in lakes and rivers and wondered where the best place you had gone for a swim was

Do you have any siblings?

yes I do

How many?


Brothers, sisters, or one of each? Older than you or younger?

1 brother one sister, older brother and younger sister

Has your brother seen you naked?

yeah probably

You don't know? You think he spies on you?

no not at all, but I am sure in the past he has accidentally caught me, I just don't remember or didn't know

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My sister in law is named Kate, dreamt she gave her head last night while my wife watched. Would you let my wife watch?

dreamt she gave who head now? Anyways I don't mind being watched so the answer is yes as long as you wife wasn't a weirdo

I meant I dreamt that my sister in law kneeled in front of me and gave me head.

What is the sluttiest thing you have ever done?

I'm not saying that here lol

Please pm me

Not fair! Lol

Have you ever been screwed up your butt?


how does it compare to vaginal sex?

She pulling down my panties now

When did you first have oral sex?

omg you didn't ask about anal? hell has frozen over


Go ahead

wait what?

I'm not allowed any pleasure

She thinks I might play with myself

Do you believe in giving pity blow jobs?

kind of haha

CAnt do it

Gf say no pleasure for me tonoght

I have been looking for you.

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I dare you to ***** naked and run outside for five mins

this is ask any question not dare me to do random stuff


where would your idea place to vacation be and what activity would you enjoy doing on this hypotheticle vacation if money was not an issue

Europe, some sort of backpacking adventure

Are you wearing socks right now?

Thigh highs

cute dare I ask the colour



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What is the average air velocity of a coconut laden swallow?

An African or European swallow?

What? Well...I don't know that...argh!!!!!!

How do you know so much about swallows?

My favorite bird to see! ;)

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Do you get excited answering questions for your fans?

Fans?? lol By excited do you mean satisfy my desire to not be bored, then yes

It doesn't make you wet to tell strange men the intimate details of your adventures?

nope not really

But how much do I want to?

probably a whole lot

Your right but I just can't find the right words


I'm open

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Have you ever been spanked, if so by who?

Yes, by my sexual partners on occasion

What is your favorite food?

probably pizza

What are your favorite toppings?

What is the naughtiest thing you have done lately?

Probably the Saga with my Chemistry TA, go through my stories to see

Already have (; have you figured out what you're going to do yet?

just tease for now

Id love to be that TA

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Can i see your pretty feet?

no I hate feet

Can you swim?


Whatcha wearing right now?

Not much

Less than me I suppose, but at least you can make it look good ❤️

Ha. Well, how's your day going? =)

Pretty good, thanks, and yours?

Good. Finally recovered from a slight cold, so all's good. =)