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I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

Hello, how are you? I was wondering What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal?😂

Do u like to touch

Add me and message me? Won't let me pm you :(

Are u on fetlife?

What's your favorite physical feature on your own body?

ever spanked anyone for punishment?

Yup! And for my own pleasure ^.^

lucky them xx

Add me id like to know how kinky you are

add me?

i'll pm you:) can you add me?

What is your favorite food?

If have to go with pizza...just because of all the different types

You have amazing tastes; what are your favorite toppings?

have you ever been tired up and played with till you begged to be taken?


That's no fun and it was to be tied up to tired my phone was being stupid

Ever have two guys at once ?


most shocking truth or dare result? (Well, so far, heh)

Eh none have really shocked me

What do you think of anal sex?

Sounds fun! ^.^ I've experimented with butt plugs (:

Oh that's hot! How did you get into that?

I don't really know...I'm just very kinky!

Were you by yourself when you tried them or with a partner?


What was it like when you first tried them?

Quite painful - still fun tho

How often do you use them?

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Where is the best place you have ever gone for a spontaneous swim and why

Uh I once went swimming in my local river!! It's was super cold but the people there made it enjoyable (:

Lol cool. Did you have a swimsuit or did you have to improvise

Improvised 😂

Lol in what way

Underwear can be a swimsuit...ish

It's a very good swimsuit. Used it myself on a few occasions

Haha (:

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