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Will you let my son get you pregnant. He's a teenager but I want him to have sex with a total stranger that would have sex with him

I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

not so far

I caught Gonorrhea here in Bangkok, Thailand shortly after moving here and I have it ever since. I don't know which girl I caught it from because I have had sex with so many. I never use condoms.

that's gross.

What is your favorite food?


What was your favorite vacation?

High baby

Do you want to look at **** and **********?


Me too

Do you finger yourselve when you are sucking ****



What's the biggest **** you ever had?


Hello, how are you? I was wondering What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal?😂

Wow.. would you like me to shoot my hot *** all over your a** after I pump you from behind

i want it in my ****

Would love to empty my load into you

what is your bra size and do you like to have your **** ******

44dd yes

can i see them

Do you have smelly and cheesy feet?, and have you ever dominated a guy with your feet?

I'm not into foot stuff sorry

What is your kinkiest fantasy?

i want to be tied down and gang ****** until im pregnant

Sounds fun. 😉

How often do yo get gangfucked?

I am Horney my self to

What do you think of anal sex?

When did you first try anal?

That's really awesome!!

man thongs yes or no


Have you ever tried exhibitionism? If so, where?

yes, i ****** a guy in a movie theater

Good Girl

ever spanked anyone for punishment ?

no but ive been spanked

Did this spanking instruct you on how to be a better fuckdoll? What did it teach you?

that when daddy is mad he ***** me harder

Do you like to make daddy angry then, so he ***** you hard, little girl? Do you like to be tied up, so you are helpless when Daddy sticks his big **** in your **** breeding cunthole?

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I as well

Where is the best place you have ever gone for a spontaneous swim and why

a brook by my parents house. it was close and private

Did you have your swimsuit or did you improvise?

shorts and a tank top mostly

Sounds good way to cool off on hot day. Some wonderful quiet places like that to just wade in and swim. Do you still go there to swim? Ever take anyone else with you

Does this make it easier for guys to get their fingers in you?

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How many times have you been bred?

none yet.

How fat are you?


Do we need to arrange for a breeding for you?

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Do you like to humiliate men with small penises?

i could get into it

That's interesting ;) please, add me and let me know what do you think about my pics ;)

fav sex position?

doggy style

when did u lost ur virginity ?

when i was very young

cop out. What age did you start sucking and ******* you sweet ****?

How old were you? How old was the guy? Was it spontaneous or planned? And, where did it happen?

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