do you like p? anything about it, from holding, wetting, drinking, ect ect if so like this or comment your fondness of it
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16 Responses Jan 5, 2016

What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

Well what if you never seen me duh?

Busted lol

I love to pee my pants pee on the couch pee anywhere my little heart desires

Did u attempt having a guy drink straight from ur lips.

Im sure the guys lips n tongue wud ve given u big ******* particularly when u were full n releasimg it out slow.

absolutely, its really hot when a girl is so desperate she can't hold it anymore and p's her pants. gets me super excited

I like most anything pee-related...but am especially fond of wetting pants, beds, or diapers...and if I'm lucky, all three at once, with someone else involved.

Love seeing the stain on a woman's pants spread

how much of your own pee do you drink

I'm basically turned on by EVERYTHING pee related. Whether it be simple desperation and wetting, or a really wet **** ****. If it has pee at all I'm turned on by it generally.

Lol you say that as if you didn't expect me to by you mentioning it. I still did though in case you were wondering lol

nope but love the fell of ***

I love the pee play... want to get peed on by a bunch of women... all types of ******* shooting the jet on me all over

i love pulling my pants down in public and just shooting my golden stream where some people can clearly see me

I love wetting my pants

I like to hold it and I wet too. I also find it extremely sexy when a girl is desperate to pee. It's so hot. I want a gf who likes to hold to hold it for me. The worse she has to pee the more appealing it is. If you want to know more you can always pm me

I love P play; All of it, waiting too long, wetting, being showered with it, showering others, drinking from a safe partner. Watching others desperate and wetting!

Gotta question

Would you like it if a guy peed in your ***?

True what about letting a guy hold your mouth open and peeing down your throat?

Ohh where do you like it?

So embarrassing.. I like to lay on my bathtub floor and play target practice for my mouth wide open !! Please dont tell anyone !! Jeffrey