haha so this will be my 3rd edition of this post.

so yeah lets see what i get asked this time xD

PS: Ask here, please dont inbox be your questions..it just overflows my inbox.

lilylove5 lilylove5
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27 Responses Feb 11, 2016

Do you like foot rubs?

men are dogs hey ...........we are pervers and love to be LOL

I guess we want what we want especially when we see someone super beautiful

we start thinking with our other heads LOL

i want to suck your hot n sexy boobs all the time , tell me how can realty take place ?

well, tbh I was wondering whether has ever happened or not to you to peed a little yourself, and how..? thanks.

What's your highest pair of heels?

Do u ever play with family?

have you ever went naked in public

Have you ever had a mfm *********

Do you like to read for your boyfriend?

where is the most exciting location you have had sex

If you could go back and change things what would you change ?

Do you study cosmology? :)

Have you looked at and commented on the photos that I have posted?

do you have a boytoy?

What do you think about circumcision?

When was the last time you did a poo in your panties?

What is your most taboo or 'shameful' fantasy?

why do many men cheat?

Do you have bf?


How tight are you?

whats your 3 favourite foods?

chinese food and italian cuisine xD

what are your views on anal sex?

if the couple is fine with it then why not

Do you like it?

i am anal virgin for now, keeping it that way till marriage

What's the craziest thing you have done sexually?

lol dont know, hard to choose something xD

Your personal favorite then

ill go with sex on the beach camp

why dont you answer questions when you ask people to ask you them?

She is...

Awesome question!

Ever sent nude photos to someone?

yeah, boyfriend

Lucky guy...lol

are you white?

yes i am

would you dress me as a lady and wax me and all the rest