Suicide Or Murder?

My 19 y/o son, Joshua, was found dead in Amsler Park/McGregor, Tx on February 16, 2006. Without an investigation or asking me, the mother, any questions, the police presumed his death was due to suicide.

However, after the funeral and the non-actions of the police~not discussing the matter with me, not telling me how he died, lying, not following police protocol, not escorting the funeral procession after being hired and scheduled, ...................I began to probe into this matter..........because I knew that my son would not take his own life. Of course, I had to consider the possibility to remain objective.

I requested 'any and all documents related to the death of my son, Joshua Robinson.' I rec'd the statements of the detective and the sgt. and a partial listing of the dispatch logs. Not knowing police protocl then, I hadn't realized that the on duty officers statements should have been first and foremost. I once again used the FOIA to request their statements, full dispatch logs, crime scene photos, and the autopsy.

I assumed by 'any and all documents', I would receive the official time of the 911 call/taped copy, but I was told these documents had been destroyed. WHY???

It took the McGregor PD until April 28, 2006 to produce the statements of the on duty officers, and when I did receive their statements, they could have been carbon copies. Also, I noticed the inconsistencies from the statements of the detective and sgt.

The officers stated that they had been too busy to do the hourly 'park check' that night, but the dispatch logs do not reflect that.

I contacted former Interim Chief Molina to inquire into the progress of the investigation, and was told, "We don't begin an investigation until something suspicious is found." Out of nowhere, he said, "At ten after one, there was nobody in the park." This held no significance until I found out from an associate with Southwestern Inst. of Forensic Science, that Joshua had been seen @ 1AM in Amsler Park by a patrol officer, also making him the last person to see Joshua alive!

About two weeks later, former Det. Kory Martin and I spoke. He told me, "As of today, the investigation is over." I asked, "What investigation, Molina told me there wasn't one?" He told me he had interviewed my son, Michael, Josh's girlfriend Kayla, and Mr. Bill Holt who ran the perimeter of the park everyday. After asking the three people, I called Martin back, telling him he hadn't spoken to anyone but Michael. He told me he found out all he needed to know from him. I told him, "No, I was the last person to see Joshua, had you talked to me, you may  have gotten a different perspective!" Why did he lie about speaking with the others? I asked him for his written notes, and he told me he hadn't written anything down. THEN, I find out that Josh had been seen by a patrol officer!

I called, by then, the successive chief, Ron Wadkins, and asked which officer had seen Joshua. He told me, "I can't remember." [There werer 2 officers on  duty!]

In June, 2006, four of the five officers resigned simultaneously, for uknown reasons.

After 3+ years of research, I now believe Joshua died by excessive force used by the police. (Joshua Robinson) Attached documents, including an online petition. (Joshua Robinson)  Commentary~October 6, 2009


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I am not surprised, cops tend to cover-up, everything! And they tend to lie to save face, and protect there Dept.! I have eorked with the Police, and they tendto take care of there Own! It's a brotherhood, just like the fire dept.! They think, that they wear the badge for honor, courage, and bravery, but there is no Honor, and courage (because, they rely on others), and bravery, some don't even have that, so are total Idiots! I had a friend, murdered, and he died a horrorific death, he was shot in the head, and then set on fire, and they rammed a hot poker up his recum. And his girl friend was shot in the head, and in the chest, but she died of drowning, she had crawled to a small creek, and collasped in a small creek. The police said, " she was crawling to get away from he ones who had shot her b/f. and that was a police cover-up, till I investigated it myself, and it was a mob hit. Every once in a while, I see the ones's who done it, and ther time is coming, either from me or by God.