Feel free. I realize these stories attract all sorts of normal, weird and perverted questions, and I will answer them all truthfully.
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well, tbh I was wondering whether has ever happened or not to you to peed a little yourself, and how..? thanks.

I like to spend time pleasing women with my tongue and mouth before sex, have you ever had your ***** eaten and your **** bitten?

***** eaten but I don't want my **** bitten

:D OK maybe teased instead then :) x

do you walk around the house naked?


How do those you live with react?

Would you do the pizza dare

Would you let a guy smell your feet?😁

probably not

Aw how come?

What would happen if i was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? lol

I probably wouldn't see him there and would eat him unknowingly

Awesome lol

Have you ever played a game of ***** poker?


How did the game go?

Ever given a BJ you really didn't want to do?

kind of, to a guy I didn't find that attractive but eventually got into it

What would it take to get you into bed?

be funny, charming, nice and attractive haha

What group have you done or be keen to try?


How many guys have been pumping into you at the same time ???

pumping what into me? :P

Their dicks

Bra size?


How many men have you had sex with?


What sexual act is a no go for you?

anything with poop.

Ha good answer!

How many guys have seen your boobs?

a handful

I've read through your answers and have to commend your candor. It can't be easy fielding a free for all of questions. Now for my question: if you were offered a weekend away, which destination would you chose? A tent camping hike deep in the woods, a beach side resort or a bed n breakfast in a historic yet romantic city?

beach side resort every single time

I live at the beach. Good choice.

Would you buy me a coffee in the morning? ;o)

haha sure, the next time you get coffee don't pay for it and run out of there, I will take care of it

lol... 😉

Have you ever been ****** up your ***?

yes I have been ****** up my ***

Where are your tattoos and piercings located?

haha, nice try

Well you said you'd answer truthfully

haha, someone just got it actually

Did anyone else think of that?

so now I can tell you, **** and lower hip

Ok thanks

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When was the last time you did a poo in your panties?

when I was an infant

Have the sexy sheer tops you wear ever led to anything more on a night out?

Yeah occasionally!

Would love to hear about that!

If someone you were with would enjoy it, would you fart on them?

Sure I guess so haha

Do you fart a lot?

Not really

What is the most you would pay for a single slice of pizza? Keep in mind any edible toppings are in play. (So not like a pizza with a million dollars on it.)

probably like $3

Have you ever made a man *** in his pants?

Not that I know of haha

Do you like it rough or easy?

there is a time and place for both


what is the meaning of your life? do you feel that you have met the standards that you have set for yourself and completed all tasks and self assignments?

does anyone truly know the meaning of life? I do meet the standards I set for myself, always.

How do you feel about older men?

in what context?

Interacting with. Attraction to. Asking you questions. What ever

I don't really care to be honest

Don't care about age? Or don't care for them(older guys) ?

Don't care about age

Do you have any experience with men in their 40's?

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Guessing not asking in inbox?

It's hard to keep up all the inbox messages. I only reply to those when I am in the mood to chat privately

Fair enough I look forward to then