ask me literally anything ??
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Have you ever been ****** up your ***?

Have you ever been ****** up your ***?

Do you wear glasses or contacts? Have you ever stolen or vandalized anything? Do you wear socks? Do you wear seatbelts in cars? Do you wash the bottom of your feet? Do you ever litter?

How old are you

Have you ever played a striping game?

Will you share pics?

Do you fart a lot?

What do you think of anal sex?

are you gay

Have you ever jumped in pool or sea fully clothed

What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal?😊

any brothers or sisters

what is your most embarrassing naked moment?

How many guys have you blown

you expect me to keep count?

Rough guess works

over 15

What do you like most about yourself?

my hair maybe?

That's a good choice :)

Ever cheated on your boyfriend?

don't currently have one but yes I have

Ever spanked anyone


How long can you hold the wee when u have to go quite badly?

not very long lmao

really... you should... u seem to be young, ur bladder should be quite capable... not that bad though ;)

I had issues when I was younger lol

you still are young!!!! lol.... so

what would happen if you try to hold for a longer time?

no clue honestly

you normally go as soon as you feel the urge..?


fair enough

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