Anthing you would like to know^
riiiii riiiii
18-21, F
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Are you wearing socks right now

nope! are u?

No both bare foot lol

I got a question you probably won't answer


Lol. Ill message it to you

Welcome where are you from?

Is you profile pic a drawing or done with an an app?

It was from my laptop's Camera.

man thongs yes or no

have you ever had sex ?


do you want to be friends


add me

What kind of piercing do you want to have

Have you ever jumped in pool or sea fully clothed


Lol cool. Which and why

pool. bc i just dont want to expose myself and besides, dont wanna get tan:p

have you been dared to ***** naked or down to your panties


any brothers or sisters

i have brothers and a sister

I am the oldest of 7 kids 3 boys and 4 girls

i see! cool~

Who kisses best... Guys or us

i never kissed anyone but i guess, girls^

I'll leave you to make up your own mind... But you are so totally right :) and not ever?

noooo. i'll pm you :))

Sounds like a plan :)

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What do you think of anal sex?


Have you ever spanked anyone

no nvr

what country are you from?

would you like to be friends ?


What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal?😊

I'd forcefully vomit if ever I had already eaten you!

But what if you never noticed I was there?