i mean why not, bored af rn
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What kind of piercing do you want to have

what are you sleeping in tonight

I got a question you probably won't answer

Why the **** did you put your self out there for all the freaks to ask questions?

If you were shrunk down to the size of a peanut, and trapped in the bottom of a blender, how would you get out?

dang.. i guess i'd try climbing up the actual blender and hope to make the jump

What do you like most about yourself?

about my ability to be able to talk to people and honestly, i just love life

That's certainly a good thing :) Do you have a favorite physical feature?

what have you been dared to do by your friends

***** naked, kiss, etc

my friend Jenna was always dared one time our friends dared her to ***** naked and run down the street

how often do you **********?

usually 4-5 times a week

nice and when you do, do you use toys, objects, or just fingers?

an old electric toothbrush, the end of an electric razor, feathers & dusters, and sometimes grinding.

What is your thoughts on boys wearing footed tights, would you laugh at them?

if they want to wear those, good for them. i won't judge or laugh at anyone's clothing choice or opinions.

Thank you ☺

where is your most erotic tickle spot?

honestly, my crotch. very ticklish before arousal, but when im aroused it feels really good.


circling around my outer lips, or ****