I'm a female sociopath. Ask me anything.
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Would you let me tongue your ***?

That's a rhetorical question, right?

mind if i pm my question?

Nope. Go ahead.

I am also a sociopath ;)

Good for you.

What do you think of anal sex?

Seems a lot more desirable than vaginal sex.

How often do you have anal?

what is the craziest dare you have done

I can't recall having ever done one.

when was the last time you ***********?

Idk. Guess.

35 minutes ago?

Do you like to fart?

Who doesn't.

Do you do it a lot?

More than the average person? Who knows.

Are your sociopathic characteristics self assessed or has it been medically confirmed.

I like the 'medically confirmed' phrasing, haha.
I'm not diagnosed on paper no, that's not be practical. I don't think any sociopaths would want that.
I have however had my 'antisocial' tendencies pointed out by psychiatrists and I've been told I classify for a personality disorder.

I was trying to think of a PC way to ask if you've been 'certified crazy'. Sorry...!

So do you have violent intentions with/without mutilation or is more of intimidation and manipulation?

I wouldn't say sociopaths are inherently 'bad' or 'dangerous' people. Most aren't. They're just people who care very little for others, and if they did happen to do something terrible they probably wouldn't feel bad about it at all.

Yeah I know...
I used to date a self confessed sociopath.
I just called her 'ultra-*****'. Lol

Seems fitting.

It was for her.
Very aloof at times, and distant...quite heartless too. But had her moments of kindness (not many though).
And the sex was...truly mind blowing.
But Anyways. Has your sociopathic ways prevented people from getting close to you?

For some reason people aren't scared away when they realise what I'm actually like. So it's not like anyone really gets close to me, I wouldn't want that, I have more important things to do than deal with relationships and friends, but oh well.

So in keeping with that mindset you could quite easily live a life of complete (or mostly) solitude?

Technically. But I get bored a lot.

So you admit that a part of you does require the interaction that comes from the relationship(s) with others..?

It's not a desire to create relationships, though. Or get close to people.

Maybe it's not a desire but it is an innate necessity. You are human after all. Social interaction is embedded in all of us. Some welcome it, and satisfy that necessity. Others (possibly like you) choose to subdue it.

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Would you ever like to get so freaky as to let yourself get turned on by letting a guy bend you over doggystyle and let him spit in your mouth?

Nah. Imma pass.

What kind of piercing do you want to have

A lot. But I can't. So that's a bother.

Why you can't

I'm allergic to metals. Quite a boring reason.

If you not allergic to metals what piercing would you get

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Would you ever ride an inexperienced stranger's D long and hard?

Look through the other answers and I think you can use that bright mind of yours to answer your own question.

Sounds hot! I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

No. Because I don't have sex.

I'd really have to go out of my way to get one.

Oh, OK. In my case I caught Gonorrhea here in Bangkok, Thailand shortly after moving here and I have it ever since. I don't know which girl I caught it from because I have had sex with so many. I never use condoms. I am currently experiencing many symptoms from it.

Nice. Good for you.


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ever spanked anyone ?

Wouldn't you like to know.

Yes please Miss that's why I asked xx

Have you ever jumped in pool or sea fully clothed


Which, where and why

It's part of a certifying swimming test.

Will you pretend to be disinterested as my tongue devours your ***** and you quiver and squirt ******* hard into my mouth?

What if I say I'm impotent?

What if I said I would still tongue dance your ***** and **** for hours anyway?

Be my guest.

Yum yum yum ❤️😎

Looking forward to making you soooo wet and then licking you clean. My **** may accidentally slide in and do some "slam bam, thank you ma'am" at some point. Would that be a problem at all?

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Will you ride my thick hard **** until you *** and *** and ***? Crotchless chaps and spurs are optional...

My favourite kind of questions. <3

Why are you sociopath?

Idk. Why does your grammar suck?