I'm just a crazy single mom, bored and stuck at home. Ask away!
BadMomKira BadMomKira
22-25, F
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want to chat?

How many months pregnant are you?


Have you ever gone for a spontaneous swim when you didn’t have a swimsuit? Where and how did you improvise?

Couple times. Usually in shorts or panties

Cool where did you swim? Anyone else go in too?

Can we PM? Please? :D

How many guys total have you hooked up with.

8 different guys

Nice. Ever two at once ??

have you ever spanked anyone?

Sexually or as discipline?

Either Miss xx

Yes I have done both

Ooh what do You spank with and how Miss?

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What's your favorite after dinner snack

Ice cream for days!!!

Who has had the most impact on your life

Hmmm parents aside, probably my son.

What do you like most about yourself?

Hmm... Probably how physically strong and active I am (when not pregnant).

I bet you are quite a strong person :) you look amazing! Keep up the great work!

Thank you! I try really hard

You're welcome :) your body looks amazing! ❤️

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What would happen if I was a tiny shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal?😊

I guess a little extra protein for breakfast couldn't hurt

You mean..??