I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask

I just started on EP, so this would be one way of getting to know people, and adding friends...Ask away!

Toomuchgirl8 Toomuchgirl8
18-21, F
25 Responses Nov 21, 2009

favorite color

favorite Disney princess

what makes you happy

most embarrassing moment

may I add you

Would you pose as a nude "fighter" for an hobbyist photographer?

I would but I would have to know the person.

Four Questions....<br />
What is the happiest day of your life?<br />
<br />
What would you like to accomplish most?<br />
<br />
how would you feel if you accomplished this?<br />
<br />
Add me?

Being admitted to the university I go to was my happiest day. I want to have my own business and be in a position to help others. I would feel good everyday.

Did you get spanked growing up, if so by who and at what age were you when they stopped?

My parents spanked me, but I was very young. My boyfriend spanked me 21 times when I turned 21...haha

I don't think this is the place to answer that question.....Next :-)

but but, it says any question...?

do you make a lot of noise when you climax? do your lovers tell you they are about to ***? or can you tell in advance anyway

Yes, born in Argentina with an Irish father, the best of both worlds...but not always...lol

Hi Elena?<br />
<br />
How do you relate to your Argentinian and Irish roots? Were you born on any of these countries?

Qatman, I think the bible : )

Haha, I am a peaceful warrior :- )

trevorsdad2008, I am a sexual person, but maintain my privacy and try not to impose my ways on others.

are you a sexual person or more conserved about your sexuallty?

I like my sneakers.....LOL

I see..using his imagination and being creative.

Henry, what turns me on is a man who stimulates me not only sexually but intellectually.

Being that you are such a beautiful woman I'd like to know what really turns you on.

Tai Chi is a way of life for me, mind, body, health, meditative...

Martial arts at age 7 started...forgot.

I would add spiritual awareness so we could all compromise better. Remove greed from the world, the reason for wars.

Have you ever practiced Tai Chi?

Kenpo Karate mostly...

Which martial art do you practice?

hmmmm, i easily woulda guessed that, ha.<br />
<br />
Chocolate or vanilla?<br />
<br />
coke or pepsi?<br />
<br />
chinese or pizza?

That I am a full contact martial arts competitor, but cannot kill a bug, and will actually pick up a bug and take it outside....LOL

what is a surprising fact about you i wouldn't guess? :) x