If Anyone Is Intrested..?!

ok if you have ever wanted to question a slightly f*ckced up 20-something designer, drinks more than I should, occasional God complex please do ask away.. :)

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oh yeah ok. I get it. <br />
well once every couple of days. in a morning. and I should say I think about my wife, and sometimes I do, but just as often I dont. **** doesn't do it for me, never has, I find myself thinking about someone that I have met in the recent-ish past that I have been very attracted to - just sort of playing out what might have happenedd (in my mind) if we'[d both felt the same way, had been single and had acted on ouru feelings there - ie some kind of work situation/train station or carriage something like that. I once had a run in with a woman when I was driving, we exchanged some words, didn't quite see eye to eye about each other's driving technique shall we say, but when I got back in my car I was so ramped up, I could have gone back, put her over her back seat and really got a a little crazy, somehow (probably entirely in my own mind, you know how men are..) I sort of thought she felt something along those lines too. something in her eyes. anyway, long story short, it played on my mind for a few weeks after, it was the source of a couple of my daydreams.

Ok, well I would have to say spooning, or possibly with my partner's hands tied behind her back in the same position. <br />
<br />
the first time I had sex I was 15, too young if i am honest, it wasn't great. my girlfriend at the time was a little older, and we always spent time together intimately for while before that, but one day it just happened. It didn't even need words, we just knew we wanted to. But, I was immature and kinda spun out by it - mostly thinking 'this is what everyone raves about?! what's all hteh fuss over?' needless to say I get it now. most of the time. <br />
<br />
do I ever..?? what? give me a clue?!