Ill kill some time. go ahead and ask me a question.

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Well don't limit the time on it! You can make it more then 4 months! could just say in my entire life!

well... screw up more often so next time you do one of these it will be more juicy!! :D

You said the last four months. I don't screw up often and that was the only screw up in four months...

This is no excuse you where a team so you lost.... as a team... By the way that could have been waaaaay more exciting!..

I was playing a game and i told the dude not to ask for pro pla<x>yers if he was a noob then i lost, but in all fairness i didn't lose my teammate did. I played a perfect match but he lost it for us...

Hmmm ...<br />
<br />
Well go on then .. whats the most embarrassing thing you have done in last 4 minths?

I am saying not all womenz are attractive at being a blonde or brunette. Most peoples natural hair colors are great and work fine, but a lot of people change it up and it no longer looks as good. That is all i am saying.

whats the most embarrassing thing you have done in the last 4 months!? :D

A girl who can make their hair colour work?<br />
<br />
Well I never!<br />
<br />
My hair colour is my own .. not from a bottle <br />
<br />
I dont know it it works or not it is just what I was born with

Above average but i don't have any results on me. I am a genius in certain subjects not on an iq test.

What is your IQ?

Well i didn't know what test he meant. If he would of told me i would of chosen. <br />
<br />
I don't prefer either one over the other. I pretty much like everything, but not all girls can make blonde work, or black work or whatever color hair they try. So i like the girl who can make their hair color work.

do you prefer blondes or brunettes or just grerat personalities?

Well, how you can choose just one test when you've taken lots?

What do you mean?

I guess it's hard to pick and choose

I didn't understand at all. I mean i have had so many quizzes in my life...

Hehe, just wasn't sure the first person got it!

Right now jimboa i understand what you are saying, but i am working on getting my speed on the guitar up to shredding. I plan to really get into theory and try to understand it better when i join the air force. I do appreciate the help, it is just a hard topic for me, and i cant dedicate the time to really learn it right now.

I had a feeling you would come here and say something like that... Yes i am sure!

Are you sure your thinking is ok?

It isn't a matter of being very deep into it or not. The only instrument i care to play is electric guitar. and the only type of music i care to play is metal. So i only need a few scales to learn and memorize. I don't play major scales only minor for the dark tone it gives off.

I am calling the scale you play a shape. There is only a certain number you need to learn then all you have to do is move it up and down the guitar neck to play it.

Even with those names the there are only a certain number of shapes to memorize. If you memorize the important shapes that your music requires then you don't have to worry about the names of the scale unless you want to know what scales sound good together, but i just do that part of it by ear.

I don't need flash cards to remember that. Ive known my abc's for many years. It goes in order till g then starts over. All you have to do is memorize the shapes by feel on the guitar, which is what i play.

I just memorize the scales that i use for metal and play by ear to see what sounds right. There aren't very many shapes to memorize.

What do you mean?

What? music theory? I been studying it for four years. Im not a master, but i know my way around. What is your method?

Yeah my thinking is okay.

What exam would that be?