Ok Then Ask It!!

It's always a lot of fun getting to know about people through questions, and it's a lot easier to find out the good stuff. So ask what ever and I will answer any question even if by chance I don't want to. After all what's the worst that could happen?

msmitzy msmitzy
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7 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I've thought about trying to learn again but I'm not sure I have the time right now

Woah! My condolences. Well, getting back on the horse is probably a good sign. Any leads? What are you taking at college?

about 2 years ago my finance was killed and I just haven't been ready to get back out there.<br />
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Yeah if learning the guitar was easier I probably would have stuck with it.

Why'd you stop dating?

I play a little guitar but never really had the patience for it.

Last time I thought of slapping someone hard in the face was a few days ago actually.<br />
I made the decision a little over a year ago not to date for a while, but I've been thinking about starting again. Special since I've met some really cute guys at the community college I've started at.<br />
Anyone else have any questions?

When was the last time you thought of slapping someone hard in the face?