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I just joined up and I am not sure what to say... So I thought I'd let other people draw it out of me.

Ask me whatever you want, of course with the disclaimer that I have to be anonymous b/c of my RL concerns.

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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

HAhah... no, I can't remember that really ever happening... though I am pretty clueless about that kind of thing. Like, months after someone will tell me that so-and-so liked me. And I'm all, "what? I totally would have tapped that!" hehe. The only time I am good with telling this sort of thing is in conversations with people. Then, I often know even if I will be in bed with them later that night! haha.

jimboa: I made a reply comment yesterday to your first question, but I can't see it now. So, I'll answer again. I was once somewhat interested in music production and DJing, but not so much anymore. It has been taken over by other interests. <br />
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As for cougars, I don't get in situations where I meet them very often. I am in my mid 30s, so I'm not sure what cougars would think of that. <br />
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Woodczar: My daily routine is not very routine. I am finishing up my dissertation right now and have had a couple months of insomnia and weird sleep patterns. So, I wake at random hours. Sometimes I write, sometimes I don't. But I am often on the net for hours every day. :)<br />
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kalp: I'm not sure if your's is a pervy comment or a reference to the stock photo that i my profile. If the former, then I'll answer 6-7" and if the latter I think the image has a tie in its hands. <br />
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What's your daily routine like?