Ask Away!!

I am willing to answer any question anyone might have as honestly and as openly as I can.

Because I am not all knowing, I thought I might as well add a few details about myself so that people know what to expect when asking a question.

I am 17 years old. I am Canadian, and Proud. I am very Open-minded, non-judgmental and I am against any kind of discrimination. I am a Virgin, but am more knowledgeable about sex then people might think. I am atheist ~ I dont believe in God, but I do believe in morals, being a good person, Karma and Destiny...

I am starting University next year studying Psychology- I want to become a Psychologist...

I am willing to help anyone who reaches out to me to get it. 

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

A. What part of being trained to be submissive do you enjoy most? The least?<br />
B. Do you think you will ever become a real slave, not just online?<br />
C. If you did, would you rather belong to a man or woman?<br />
D. Would you do ANYTHING you mistress said? Would you give your virginity to someone if she told you to?<br />
E. Last one, are you at all self conscious that your mistress makes you post the details of your training in your blog?