Do Ask, I'll Tell

This could be fun!  First about me, I'm a guy who enjoys and wears hosiery.  I've liked the material since I was about 4.  I tried stay away from it for years and eventually decided this is who I am and embraced it. So today I wear hosiery (pantyhose or tights) nearly every day.  I wear openly at home, and my wife happily accepts this about me (I am truly lucky).

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I think the taboo concept came from them being a female garment and not something I ever saw men wearing. I grew up with a single mom until I was about 8, the only males around were grandpas and uncles... all manly men so I think I felt like a failure as a male for liking "girl" things.<br />
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I don't see the world as that black and white anymore, the shades of gery work well for me ;)

I always sort of knew it was taboo and protected my secret as such. I had such shame and self loathing over it. I ventured into Moms other things because I thought that if I liked hose then I had to like skirts and dresses. I got really confused going into puberty as girls who wore those things liked boys, and I didn't like boys (never have, never will).<br />
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Several promises to myself to stop only resulted in dissapointment and more self loathing. I even joined the military at 18 to try and force it out of me. It didn't work. I love the silky feeling of hosiery, its just something I do for me because it feels good. <br />
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Men aren't supposed to like fabrics traditionally but I say that's not for me. I like silky things, plain and simple.

I think that's cool about you, but what exacty made you feel as if it were unacceptable? Besides it being predominantly a womans peice of attire.