Ask Me And I Will Answer

go ahead and ask  question, i dare you,try me out ,see if i cant give an answer ,don't believe me check out my answer sheet ,i have been busy,other proof ,check out the trophy room,several best answer awards,still more proof ,check everyone else's answer sheets and see where i have been,you might be suprised ,i dare you

squirt71663 squirt71663
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7 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Were you naked in any of your searches?

dont have any thing exciting from me

what was the most exciting incident you would like to try again? or have you repeated it already?

yeah i married satin

first is gift from my dad,it is how i came out ,when i was born,the second part is the date

thats private

it was one of those days ,the clouds were perfect for watching and drawing moving slow enough so i could capture them on paper,a beauty of a day not to hot ,not to cold, just right,the squirrels wers mooching munchies,no nagging hot rod hubby asking stupid questions,just a very nice day in the park that was a nice ride of ten miles or better from the house