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I think I need a distraction.  I like the idea of being asked questions to lead my mind astray....hit me!

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Jimboa - I;ve finally thought of something - The strangest thing I've had happen to be me was seeing a body floating above me one night when I woke up. I was so terrified that when i tried to scream nothing would come out. There was nothing perverse about it, but I think it was a male body...it still freaks me out when I think about it!<br />
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Amy - but if I told you it might not come true!!!! lol. Okay - to have a beautful garden :)

what is one of ur dreams u wish to happen?

Gawd, I still haven't thought of something Jim. I hate how when you try to think of something like this, it never comes to you! More thinking required. I must have had a fairly 'normal' life lately...although I have seen some pretty atrange stuff on EP!

Very strange. My Hippie Chikc name was Dylan. What was yours?? I thought Dylan was a guy's name!

We don't have to be hard-core hippie girls. It might be fun to be one but that's a whole different world. I just like some of the hippie ideas...I love the feeling of liberation it denotes. Just do what you feel kind-of thing.<br />
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Let me think what kind of hippie group we can make. I tried the one from blogthings in knowing my hippie chick name. Check it out.

Hey! I've seen you around before haven't I....Hmmm somewhere. I guess if you are as addicted as me to EP you are bound to get interaction! lol.<br />
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I like your question, especially how you've put the "from my perspecitve" in.<br />
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I've got one, I just can't remember it...give me a bit of time and I'll remember...it's a really god one too!...just cna't remember it at the moment...<br />
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Sylph - Hippie girls unite group! - lol - not sure if I'm a true hippy though!

Oh yeah...hippie girls alright! Maybe we could do another group thing here...hmmm...<br />
*light bulb idea*

Very cool Sylph - hippy girls unite!

I know what a nappy bag is, LOL! <br />
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We're the same, WG...a fabric bag girl...hippy to the max...from denim to plaid to corduroy to plain black never white to whatever is out there. They come in different sizes depending on where I'm going. But generally, I only have a small one to hold my purse and phone, too. Plus my cologne, my lip balm, my breath spray, keys for the house and my vehicle. These are the essentials in my everyday bag.<br />
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I don't own a leather one...or maybe I do...but I don't use them. They were just gifts. I feel odd if I use a leather bag and hang it on my shoulders. I have a small backpack, too - not the rugged looking one for sports; but a backpack style purse. I use this if I bike to work during summer and fall............ :)

Funny, I was thinking about writing a story about handbags a week or so ago. I've never been much of a handbag sorta girl. My mother always asked me when I was going to grow up and be a real woman! For a very long time I was a backpack girl, then with the arrival for children I was the nappybag (that's diaper-bag for you Sylph) woman for quite some time. It's only been the last two years or so that I'll finally succumbed to having to have a woman-bag. It had something to do with having to bring two things (purse AND mobile phone) and always losing them both. I don't think it has made much of a difference though - I keep losing them anyway. I'm not a very trendy bag carrier, I'm generally a fabric, hippy type bag woman. I don't like those trendy under the armpit types of bags. Can I ask you all (Lilly, Sylph, Delta and Faucon) what sort of bag women are you?

I am so lost here...can't keep up! LOL<br />
I'm just going to ask away...<br />
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What kind of purse do you carry? Are u a backpack girl? Or leather handbag girl? Or fabric bag girl? Or a tote bag girl? What kind?

I'm rarely alone and scared. I live on a very isolated farm so I'd be in trouble if I did! But on the odd occasion I guess I talk to myself! lol.<br />
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I've only ever killed snakes by accidentally driving over them. They don't really bother me as long as they are not in the house!

Hang on, aren't you in the land of single eyelids?!

Delta - LOL. You are crazy! Leave your eyelids alone! I have double eyelids AND I have HEAPS of freckles....try having that combination as an Asian woman!

Sage: I really find it hard to thing of things for this question. To me all the things in my life seem...well...fairly normal. But considered from someone else's point of view they may not....it's all relative really. From my high school friend's point of view, when I was engaged and pregnant at the age of 18, that was considered fairly outrageous. Most of my high school friends have only had children in the last few years.

Cheeky! White. Although I wanted a silver one but Roj wouldn't agree :(

I was once told that I have a very atheletic build. The kids all snigger when I tell them that! I think I had the potential to be good at some sort of sport but never really got into anything in a big way when I was a child. I love swimming, not very well, but I like it. It keeps me fit. Does that answer your question?

Day of the week! I don't really have one. My weeks have no real routine to them. But I guess if I had to chose one it would be Saturday becasue sometimes I get to sleep in and not rush around too much, and Saturday is great because Sunday follows so whatever I don't get done on Saturday could, in theory get done on Sunday. Monday is also good because, in my mind, it is the beginning of the week, and I've got the whole week ahead to catch up with whatever I didn['t get done the week before!!! lol.

No, not really. I love visiting Malaysia, but only visit Singapore because I have relatives still living there. The weather there is too humid and I truely just love Australia too much.

WG has no notable quirks that are 'weird'... <br />
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I guess it depends on your perspective. She lets a lot of good protein go to waste. That's weird to me but not you I suspect!

Weirdest quirk - I'm not sure. It's not something I dwell on! Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Still thinking! I may need to get Roj to help here. I just think I'm very normal ;) lol.<br />
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great mum!......and then....yes, I have smacked all my children! But only once in a blue moon. Normally it's not out of anger, but as a reaction to being physically hurt. E.g. when breast feeding and the kid decides to take a bite! YOWouch!!! My oldest was probably smacked the most of all my children. Parenting didn't come naturally to me, learning to decipline my children came with experience over time. Smacking would definitely not work nowadays! They would proabably beat me if I did!!!

CHildren - honestly, nowadays, I think that I love all my children for the individuals that they are. I am very proud of each one of them. There are some days I 'like' one child more than the other but I don't think that is the same as 'love'.<br />
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I talk to myself when I am feeling bad. I mutter and blurt out all sorts of things. It's a bit embarrassing because I don't seem to beable to control my mouth!<br />
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Showers. I could stay in the shower for hours - it's a good place to think and avoid getting on with the morning. I don't have a lot of patience for lying around in baths anymore. Besides, they are never the right temperature for very long!

Kalp- who are you really? lol. No I don't trim my pubic hair daily but I do thin it just because I think it is amazing to see how many fall out when I run my fingers through it in the shower. And no, I don't have masses of the stuff!

Hair Part - I puzzle over this everytime the hairdresser cuts my hair. I don't really part my hair. It's kinda where ever!<br />
<br />
Teethbrushing (!) - smack in the middle, oh well probably a touch to the left. (i'm right-handed)<br />
<br />
Stray eyebrows (LOL!) - yeah, I have a stray one between my nose and my upper lip! (kidding) <br />
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Eyebrow hair - sh*t yeah, do they grow over night or what???

Yep. GOod one ROj!

Very similar to the way the beer name is pronounced? Just with a longer N?

I think I know what it sounds like Delta but I can't liken it to anything in the English language. I'll keep thinking...

Thank god for pool chemicals!

Our pool is gorgeously clean and inviting. Rarely cloudy and of questionable origin...

Hey ya Lils! That's the sorta question that I'd ask! lol. Of course I do! I'm a bit of a pick and flick sorta girl. Although lately I've had a very clean nose. It must be all that swimming I've been doing. Ewwww, that means that there's loads of nose pickings in the pool!

OKay, what does it sound like Delta??

LOL at NS...the first sensation doesn't last very long...I promise. :D<br />
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Thanks, WG. Sooooo it's in the touch...I was just curious...each of us has our own weakness...and yours is very, very sweet...not **** touch...but delightful and affectionate touching. I like it. *hugs to you and Roj*

Sorry about that NS. Don't ever let you near to you when you are peeling from sun burn!!!!!

lol Myo, no, no not really into the whole bondage act. Although Roj may disagree ;)<br />
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Sylph - you are asking for alot! I'm not sure if I can truthfully answer this in public *blushes* Well, maybe just this.... Roj has the most wonderful hands, his touch is heavenly. Is is light and tingly, sensual and caring, and very affectation. I love it when he comes up and strokes my back when I'm standing around chatting to others at a social event. Very distracting but I know that there is a chance that he will stop if I let him into the conversation, so I try to keep chatting and hoping that it will last for as long as possible. Although sometimes the stroking of my back means "come on WG, it's time to go, hurry up and end the conversation" and then it's irritating! lol Oh, and I love it when he strokes my nekc when I'm driving - this sends shivers down me too!

Why do you want me to hit you? I'm a non-violent person. Or are you, umm, into that kind of thing?

Yes, Roj pointed that out. lol. Hopeless me. <br />
<br />
Okay. I'll take it to lunch and get back to you.

WG...I meant *good* shivers...not *eewww* shivers! LOL Like what can Roj do that makes you feel you are all woman...those kind of shivers...and be specific...I want details!<br />
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And if you want to be invisible, you have to join my kind...the sylphs! ;)

Delta - No, I don't see her very often, probably only once a year! I asked Roj though and he thought "harn" like Barn but with a h. Is that correct?<br />
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Faucon - I miss you too! Where have you been? *BIG BIG HUG* then gets you to jump up on my back and WG takes you for a piggyback!<br />
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Good lord semiretired!!! I'm feeling very stupid now! I really don't know...more thinking required!

I often get confused too nut usually because I can't remember if I've told them in real life or not. :)

Shakespear once said, "If music be the food of love, play on." It says in Latin on the front door of the Chicago Playboy mansion, "If you don't swing, don't ring." If the two men had said what the other said and then switched professions, would you describe what sort of play would you like to help act which H. F. Hefner had written?

Right. I've thought long and hard. At first I thought I'd write...I don't regret anything but I think that would be a lie. I don't really regret any one day intensely but I do regret my last few years of study at University. I wish I hadn't tried to be someone I wasn't (an academic) and spent less time worrying and studying, studying and worrying, worrying , worrying, worrying...I made my life and those closest to me a misery.

*big breath in* This is getting hard! I'm going to have to take this question into the garden with me and have a good think about it! I shall return!

Delta - I am the vague-est person known for miles around. Just ask Roj and my mother-in-law! I'm in and out of fairy land all the time! How I feel depends on what I'm thinking about. I especially like my smiley drift offs, when I am reliving or creating a great conversation in my head. I often have conversations in my head with people I know. Don't you?? *smiles*

Happy to answer any of your questions, anytime Delta. Are you going to write a story in this Group?

Favourite colours - a very difficult question Delta. It all depends on what the focus is. If it is nature - Green orange and browns. If it is material things - browns, reds and yellows. If is clothes - pink/purple, black and silvery greys. <br />
<br />
Favourite motto in life! Another tough question. I have a friend Jophene who has a motto fetish but I'm afraid I don' t think I have a favourite motto - I do like a lot of them though. I'll keep thinking on this one.<br />
<br />
Swearing out loud - God yeah! I don't come across saintly do I??? <br />
<br />
last question - *shakes head* lol - you are tooooo polite!

WG sounds like I am sending all the wrong sorts of shivers up your spine...<br />
<br />
Glad to hear that you have realised that dream. I'd never thought of it!

Super power. Hmmm. Tricky. I would love to be able to become invisible. I'm fascinated by the private lives of others, I love to know what makes them tick, what they do to fill in their hours, how they interact with others int their family, how they work to succeed, what they do when they go home after work....things I often ponder when I watch others on my journeys public transport. And I guess I've had many dreams where the only way out of a bad situation was to magically become invisible - a great fix it all!<br />
<br />
APW - I've always wanted to live in the country/rural setting. And here I am, a dream come true. Thanks for asking this question and reminding me that this is what I use to dream about!

Favourite plant? Oh that's easy - Pittosporum angustifolium (Weeping Pittosporum/ Native Apricot/ Lockwood). It's a small gentle, graceful tree, with weeping branches and white/grey bark. Although unspectacular in appearance it has a aura about it that says "Australia" to me. It has tiny creamy flowers that grow into orange fruit that, when split, reveal a cluster of beautiful red sticky seeds. Across the Great Australia Bight when there are very few plants that grow over one metre, this is the only tree that I've seen growing. I could go on but I won't bore you :)

did you ever have a dream that came true?

Okay, I have discussed this with Roj this morning and almost straight away he said - You LOOSE EVERYTHING! Yep, I have to agree, it's VERY annoying. Keys, mobile phones, wallets, bills, letters, passports, You name I lose it and always at a critical time. Urgh!<br />
<br />
Sylph - I've said this many times before - he eats his skin, my skin, scabs, pimple goo the lot!! He says it's a waste of good protein and nutrition to see it wiped on a tissue and trhown away! EWWWWW!

*While we await for Roj to answer Gazza's question...*<br />
<br />
I have a question, WG. What does Roj do to you that still sends you that shiver down your spine???

Most annoying habit - Hmmmm, I 'll have to think about that! None!!! lol. I think this is a question for Roj! ROJ!

I've a question for you then,What would you say your most annoying habit is?

Ha ha Lilly's just like her daughter...<br />
<br />
Those happy thoughts sound very good.

*shakes head* Lilly, you ARE terrible!!!

At the moment? Happy with our family life Roj. I'm content and love being involved in the kids activites and being a happy and useful part of your life. And when I'm not having happy thoughts about our family, I 'm having happy thoughts about my EP family.There have been times in my life when I have obssesively thought about gardening, but that hasn't been the case lately. Gardening has become more of a physical pleasure and a pleasure for the senses and pride.

What is your favourite thought?

Go to the loo? lol! <br />
<br />
Oh okay. I admit it! I sneak past Roj, still sound asleep, and check EP to see if anything has happened whilst I was asleep. Then I creep back into bed, cuddle Roj and pretend I'd been there all the time! YOU just wanted me to admit that I was still addicted!

Yes, thank you. Lilly may have some questions for you now ;-)

That is a funny question! <br />
<br />
Well. Um. I guess I have pondered it. Yes. I've associated her story about liking to watch men work and wondered if it was her EF or her husband that she was talking about (probably both). I've thought about the fact that he has a gruffy voice and thought that that was interesting...but other than that, no I haven't really wondered. Does that answer your question?

I thought it might help to lead her mind astray...

Have you ever wondered what Lilly's eternal friend looks like?