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I was raised in a Romain Catholic home.  I started drugs around 12yrs old and put into institutions at 15.  Had only an 8th grade education  Almost a year later I made my escape and hit the road hitch hiking not caring where I ended up.  Lived in what was probably the last hippie/biker commune in Rapid City, SD.  Found recovery, married 3 X's and have adult children and grandchildren.  I have 3yrs of college behind my belt & will be a life long student.  I've had committed relationships with other women and understand what is meant by the saying "Women, can't live with them, can't live without them."  I'm single and love it.

Any question asked with respect will get total honesty.  I can talk about anything.

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Dew, LOL, She can handle psycho friends like me and I dont know you, but it takes a strong woman and one who knows who she is and what path she is on and doesnt conform to other peoples expectations, I am not ashamed of my past either, that past has made me who I am today, how can any of us help others if we have had a protected little goody girl life? I can handle anything that anyone tells me. It took me until age 47 to say the hell with society, family or whoever, telling me what I should do, I look inside to my inner wise warrior, higher self, for guidance and thats all I need. I love warrior mom and am very honored to message each other as often as she can, she is one cool *** *****, and strong, the way women should be. We all need to have the ability to not need real world friends to show us the way and guide us, except I do absorb what feels correct and right deep inside that I hear from others. If someone says something negative about me or gives me unsolicited advise like I am a dumb ***, it isnt going to work. Everyone in my family think they know what I should and should not do. I do smoke the synthetic funky monkey, available at cigar shops, because I also smoke cigars and love my beer, my family hates that I like my beer, but I drink casually at home like most people drink pepsi all day. It hasnt hurt me spiritually, so until I decide it is wrong, I will continue. I can handle alot of beer, I dont drink and drive, the worse I do is slurr on the phone, so I just dont call anyone after 6pm. So many people are judged on one or two things that society views as taboo. In one ear and out the other. LOL

If you are proud of who you are, and can look back with little regret, you're ahead of the curve lol.<br />
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The only question I would like to ask is what spiritual paths have called to you, and if you notice the increase in people being born spiritually sensitive and if it has effected your life.

I hate my so called gift it sucks. I guess when you get older it just starts ticking you off being a empath. It was neat when your a child but trust me after you get older you really don;t want to know how people really feel.

OK, if you are such a bad *** lesbian how come you like that admitted sociopath Dewduster?...DD

My adult children are proud of me. I raised them not to be prejudice. My oldest gchild is 10 and has no reason to care.

I can show my grandchildren just how strong the women in our family are. We may fall down but we always get back up standing on our feet. I'm clean & sober, I have loving adult children & my grandchildren adore me. I'm still a lesbian out & proud. Eighth grade education & 3yrs of college is admirable. I would hope they will always know they can come to me for & about anything. I'm not ashamed about my past & I'm proud of who I have become.

Anytime Sweetie.

sounds like a least you were kind of safe there - someone took care of had a place to be...I have been there in ways--thanks for answering!!

Thanks for the great question DocHollywood. My life's dreams right now is to continue developing my psychic gifts and aid people in healing. My spiritual calling has become so strong I need to honor my journey. I know this will include becoming an entrepreneur and my name known in the field.<br />
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Hi shamelesshussy! I miss you. There were 5 of us as a core family, but we would welcome anyone who wanted/needed to stay. It was pretty laid back, someone would stepped forward if something needed to be done. The money came from the who had a lot of it. We also dealt & partied with a lot of drugs (every day) and relocated more than once because of it. It was really crazy time where anything goes. Some of the stories I could tell makes me shake my head now. When we went our own ways, I left (and later married) the one with all the drugs. Two hours after we left the place was busted with cops coming from every direction. I was only 16 by that time so it wouldn't of been that big of a deal for me. Even tho I'm clean now, I still want to chuckle.

WHo did the cooking on the commune? WHere did the money come from to keep the commune going? What was the vibe - easy going, or somewhat structured(like everyone had some responsibility), or anything goes do whatever makes you happy all the time?