I Put It Back, For Wg!

Here miss, so where are your heaps of questions?

Other friends please feel free to ask, but please be nice :) I promise I won't deleted it this time ;)

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20 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Haha! You are so silly, Super-D! Nude waitresses...this is not at all a cafe!!!<br />
<br />
No, the rock cafe would just be for rock music, ballads and all...a lounge to talk and listen...<br />
<br />
The books cafe is different. I may be the only person in the world who listens to rock and read books at the same time...LOL!

Chips and tomatoes go together, Super-D...well, for me, tomatoes go with anything. haha!<br />
I love Ruffles All-Dressed chips with herb and spice dip.......and no garlic bread is not art of the chips family... but I loooooove garlic bread, too! :)<br />
<br />
I like the rock cafe shop......hmm...love cafes......with books even....hmm...

Well, if you're going to run a bar, I'm joining you Super-D!!! Maybe a little of that "Coyote Ugly" thingamajig, ay? What do you say, Roj?<br />
<br />
I like rock ballads, too. More of a rocker myself than anything. I'm watching Bon Jovi this July...my second time in my life and it's just...aaahhhhh!!!<br />
<br />
Next questions...<br />
What's your favourite kind of chips? Any salsa or dip with it?

May be the first bar run by a kitten (I just thought about it and of course I can't really imagine you!) ....

I can imagine you running a bar :) You'd have lots of fun...

You have very diverse tastes, Delta. The taste in music is like the person!

What songs do you listen to with those headphones? <br />
Do you like international singers? Like who? :)

Oh I know about Vietnamese Soup Noodles. We often eat at VIetnamese Pho noodle shops in the city. Roj likes to eat the "special" soup noodles with all the weird bits of animal floating around in the soup! lol. The kids and I just like the ordinary beef or chicken pho. I will check out the web site - thanks. :)

I actually don't think I have a fav chip flavour - just so long as it's not salt and vinegar....Yuk!

I thought it was corn. Gosh, I don't really know you at all, do I, WG???

Fav chip favour? Bread flavoured chips of course!

OMG! You don't happen to be related to Lilly do you? She loves chip sandwiches....and yes, you are right I don't think that's quite what I want to think about at the moment. What else can you 'cook'???

You never know, super-D. That might just work for WG (the chip sandwich, if it was the right flavoured chip).

I starving at the moment. So tell me something that is really easy that you like to make from scratch....and no, it can't be instant noodles!!!

lol I'll ask again then... what do you *enjoy* doing to men???

Wow! You enjoyed that (cooking, ironing???). Must be the perfect woman... just kidding. Hope you find someone you can enjoy doing some other things to.

Oh I thought you were born in Vietnam. Sorry. Have you ever visited Vietnam? <br />
<br />
I like your description of your home...I love how you have first and foremost mentioned your dream of having a child...I hope that one day your dream will come true :)

What do you enjoy doing to men? (!!!)

what makes u always smile?<br />
<br />
what is one wish u want it to come true?

Do you ever miss Vietnam?<br />
<br />
Describe your ideal home.<br />
<br />
What colour is your toothbrush?