~ I Will Answer Any Questions About Living Compassionately~

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This is just an opportunity with anyone who has questions about a vegan lifestyle or a kinder life in general to have them answered by me! :) A 3 year vegan!! Don't be shy! <3 I'm on too much, have the time of day, and will get back to you in a jiff.

Don't know what a vegan is? Here is some context:

A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and animal byproducts (gelatin, whey, casein, rennet.) In addition with not consuming animal products, they do not buy any clothing articles that are made from animals, buy any animal tested products or products with animal ingredients, and they do not support places which make money off of animal exploitation, such as Rodeos, SeaWorld, Zoos, etc. This is a philosophy/lifestyle not a fad diet. In 1951, the British Vegan Society, the first vegan society, explained the definition of veganism as “ the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals,"

If you'd rather just be quiet but still want to browse around or tune into stuff about this lifestyle, well, I'll leave you with this speech!

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Hi, I became a vegetarian 2 years ago and I've never felt better than I do now. But a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to go vegan. I am struggling to give up dairy, cheese, eggs and honey. Do you have any tips for giving these things up? I also struggle with craving meat. I know that by now I shouldn't be having these cravings but I do? How can I make these cravings go away and how can I be repulsed by meat where just the smell should be making me sick? Thanks.

Hello! I recently decided to try the Vegan Lifestyle, Having given up red meat about 6 monthes ago and chicken around 3 monthes ago and fish and other sea food with in the past month or so, I thought I would try cutting out eggs and dairy as well. transitioning has been difficult for me and I am looking for tips and good recipes to make it easier.

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Definitely the video above is a good watch. Other things like the videos Earthlings, Farm to Fridge, and Peaceable kingdom are worth a look. A good recipe site is http://www.vegweb.com

A good vegan guide is --&gt; http://vegankit.com

You are more than welcome to join us on VeggieBoards, an all vegetarian forum http://www.veggieboards.com

for eating out and finding veg friendly places in your area -&gt; http://www.happycow.net

Hi, I became a vegetarian 2 years ago and haven't looked back. I still struggle with cravings for meat sometimes though. However, I am now trying to become a vegan. I am struggling to give up dairy, cheese and eggs. What are some things I can do to help me transition and what can I do to help with the meat cravings? Thanks.