Ask me questions. And I'll answer you. I'm bored. .______.
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Uh you from the u.s?

Yes I am :)

awesome :) America the land of the free..home of the what part?

California :D

ohh cali girl..lucky you! weather must awesome. lol weather here is getting colder as we speak

Haha yes! & well right now it's pretty cloudy. It looks like it's gonna rain lol. & where are you from? :0

ohh lol rain is tolerable.. it's snow that over stays its welcome. I'm from NY lol :O

Ooo. I want to go to New York. :) & I would love to see snow haha. Wish we had snow over here! .-.

hahaa your only saying that now.. wait till your here a month. how about we trade places?:P

For a day! Lol :3

awesome lol I might not be findable after that one day.. I'd like it too much

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I messaged you :)

Do you still have in possession your virginity?

Yes I do. :)

that's rare