Why not? I'm bored! Either message me or comment, I'll answer anything you ask
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8 Responses Aug 31, 2014

Do you like to wear high heels?

How's your week been :P anything out of the ordinary happen?

Weeeeell what did happen? :D

LOL! That's freakin awesome did it explode?

Hi care to chat? If you are bored I like your stories and wanted to chat with you

Would you... go skydiving with me?

Favorite hobby?

Like cheer kind of stuff?

Oh wow that's pretty cool!

Dik size preference?

Yea but what do you think you would prefer?

Haha like 4 in, 6 in, or 8 in?


What you look for most in a guy?

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Most embarrassing moment?

Who are you?

Good answer but I said who not what :P

Yes you have good answers