Something That Touches


i want to share my story with u. Six months ago i have felt a strange presence in my body, somehing touching  in a strange way. i hoped
it will just go; but its not going . its just getting stronger, it changes its way of touches. and now i feel am surrendering to it.
it arouses me sexually and this is so hard to resist so i ended up doing sex with it.
i hate doing this bit its so strong i just find myself  extremely aroused. Can anyone tell me what is this thing.and how i can get rid of it..

melodysweet melodysweet
31-35, F
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Google Incubus!

Could it be a *****? Maybe with the ***** inside of you you feel different. Maybe yo feel guilty having one and using it.

I'm only a man (albeit an old one) and not really qualified, but it does sound as though your body is making wishes known. I don't know whether you've been used to treating your body as a friend, an inconvenience or an embarassment--maybe it just wants you to get to know it over again. Be happy to see your body as a friend. (Don't be put off if you don't think you look nice--I know so many ladies who look lovely but won't believe it--it's not to do with what we look like anyway.) Can you stroke those desires away--or better, into fulfilment--remember, whatever size or shape you are, your body wants to give you pleasure--however much you develop your mind and soul, our bodies are part of us too--enjoying the body, and having a deep soul aren't incompatible. I think it's very likely that the 'presence' is a very strong awareness of your own bady showing you ways in which you haven't come to terms with it. Don't worry if thngs you do in response make you feel undignified--they won't be--there is immense dignity in passion and surrender and I'm sure your soul won't be offended.This might all be nonsense, but throw it in with the other advice and see what you feel. Jimmy

you know this is a bit crazy but , ME TOO!!! and im not joking. i dont see anything because theres nothing there its like something evil or something but i just dont understand it . i am shame i tell you . because its hard to resist infact i think of only one man when this is going on do you think its him doing this to me and how ..... PLEASE write me back asap so we can share notes and find out what this could be please

I've read a few experiences from people who've been with an incubus. This sounds similar. (An incubus is a male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women.)

This is very interesting melodysweet, I wish you had given more details as to when it happens, your personal life situation etc., it might help make more sense as to what you are experiencing when you are feeling this. Mail me if you want to talk more about it but would rather not on here....or post more here if you would prefer!

Maybe that's your body's way of telling you that you need some sexual pleasure, whether its by You or a Partner. Don't fight out just go with it. Good luck :)

Help me help you. I need more info. Exactly where is this feeling located? Does it build slowly? Lead to any physical symptoms? Hardening or moistening of any body parts?

Help me help you. I need more info. Exactly where is this feeling located? Does it build slowly? Lead to any physical symptoms? Hardening or moistening of any body parts?

Ahem, allow me to introduce myself. I can help sort this out, send me a message. It will entail a detailed process, but ensure you have plenty of lube, and scotch on hand. I assure you, I will make you feel better....

keep that feeling girl, your in for some super *******.

relax, you can try to see some cartoon , maybe an innocent things can make you put your bad sexual feeling down.

sounds similar to an Incubus <br />

some of the points u making are not clear is this just a feeling u get or is their an sensasion that some one is touching u if that is the case p m me and i will help