Bored Anyway *shrug*

Ask me whatever, and I shall answer truthfully :)

And because it says my message is too short, I'm going to ramble about nothing in particular.

I'm an open book, and I don't like to lie, so yeah :)

I prefer it if you don't ask me a bunch of perverted questions.  I am married.  And pregnant with number one :)
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Have you ever crumpled up a piece of paper into a small ball?

Yes and then threw it :)

thank you. looking forward to your return :)

I'll be away for a few weeks, house siting for a friend where there is no computer. Can't take mine with me. So, I won't be around, but I will be thinking of you and wishing you well. Happiness to you and your husband. Love to both. Hugs.

My husband is already starting a journal to give to our kid. And if I shorten her name to anything, it will be Alex. All the other Alex names out there for girls are shortened to Lexie, and I just don't like it. I like Alex. I will try to call her by her whole name in her first years, though. And Malachi won't be shortened (I will slap my sister in law if she tries). =D

Yay!!!I I am glad you are so happy. Babies are the greatest gifts we give ourselves and each other. The names you have chosen are lovely names. I have always been partial to the name Malachi since I was a child. There was an actor whose first name was Malachi, and I always thought he looked like someone I would love for a grandfather. Strange thing is I can`t remember his last name. <br />
<br />
If you have a girl and her name is Alexia, will you shorten it to Lexie? Or will you stick with the full name? I have a grandson named William. His mom always called him Willy, so of course I did too. One day, when he was about 5, I asked him for a hug and he said no. I asked him what would it take to get a hug out of him. He said I would have to call him William. I did and I got a hug. I said "Well, that was easy." He said, "Yeah!! Now if I could just train Mommy." His little sister Elizabeth is the same. She doesn't like any of the diminutives. So I make a point of calling her by her full name. I am a sucker for kid hugs. I will do anything for a hug from the grands. <br />
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I hope for your sake, that you will have the same easy labor, I had. I have had four kids, and only 14 hours labor all added together. Less than two hours hard labor, total. My second baby came so quickly I didn't have time to finish my breakfast. I had gone into the hospital the night before, because I had some spotting and they said they would just keep me for the night and see how I was in the morning. They brought me breakfast, I had a twinge and said to the nurse, I think I just had a contraction. She told me to lie down so she could check me out. As I lay down, my water broke, less than 1 1/2 hours later I had my second daughter. I was lucky with all four babies. Quick and easy. That will be my wish for you. Tonight when I make my sleepy time wish, it will be That Zhaniswolf will have an easy, healthy pregnancy and a joyous delivery. Happy days ahead. <br />
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I'd like to make a suggestion, if I may. I did not do this with my kids, but did with my grands. I have always regretted not doing it with my own. Keep a book of memories. Not just the normal things you get in baby books. Memories like the one I told you about when William asked me to not call him Willy. Funny things they say and do. If you don't write those things down, instantly, you will forget. They are doing and saying new and wonderful things daily, and although you think that oh, no, I will never forget that. You will, because the very next hour or day they do something else. I have several books filled with memories. Silly things that don't mean much to others, but which mean the world to me. Like the time when my daughter said she wasn't looking forward to being a grandmother and hoped her boy wouldn't have kids. I said I was looking forward to being a great grandmother, and he, who was just 7 years old at the time, put his arms around me and said "Don't worry about it, Nana, You're already great!" Write them down. Or get yourself a voice recorder and record them that way. You can always write the stuff down later that day or next week or even in a couple of months. Just a thought. Most new parents don't have the time to be making notes about each and every thing that goes on in baby's life, but if you do take the time you will never regret it. <br />
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Congratulations and good luck. From a happy mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

yay!!<br />
<br />
1. I have no idea<br />
2. I really want to know but haven't been able to find out :(<br />
3. Since July 25, 2009<br />
4. I think 2 is the perfect number of kids, but I only want one labor.<br />
5. Girl: Alexia Sarrah Boy: Malachi William<br />
6. The middle names are my husband's grandparent's first names. The first names are names with meanings that we liked. And we've both always liked the name Malachi.<br />
7. January 28<br />
8. OMG yes! And scared.<br />
9. Yes. And he's scared too.<br />
10. They're fine lol :)

1 Are you having a boy or girl? <br />
2 Or would you rather keep it as a surprise? <br />
3 How long have you been married?<br />
4 How many children would you like to have?<br />
5 Have you picked a name for this one yet?<br />
6 If yes, how did you decide what the baby's name would be, book, family name, toss a bunch of names in a hat and pick one.<br />
7 When is the baby due?<br />
8 Are you terribly excited about it? <br />
9 Is your husband?<br />
10 Are these questions okay to ask or am I getting to personal?