Im A Very Open Person....

Ive started blogging in order to free myself and quit keeping myself and my secrets inside of me... So feel free to ask me anything =)... But also be prepared to get any type but very honest answered.
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If you could be with both your current lovers and still keep them(they would both know), but had to be their absolute slave for six months as a condition, would you agree to it?

Just go to their profile and click on Add to Circle or Add as friend.

Thank you =) Do you know how to become friends with people you would like to follow on here?

Very good answer thank you. I think you are right in your thinking.

Hmm thats a good question. I would never have sex for money. Idk y but its just something i would not do. However i would hang out for money go to dinner and movies and stuff. Play video games if thats what they liked. and depending if i actually felt a friendship develop i would probably stop taking the money after a while.

Would you date a much older man for money?

To be honest Ive been wondering why i haven't felt bad about it. The only thing I can think of is I dont really care for her... The physical part of it is great but i do not really have an emotional connection that i've felt with other women and men. I've been thinking of breaking up with her but part of me doesnt want to hurt her. I kno that i am hurting her right now but when i actually call it off I have to see her in pain. And the reason I'm doing it is because the emotional connection I dont feel with her I do feel with him. =/ I know Im not being a good person but i like some of the feelings im having and its hard to call off everything. I will eventually and probably soon because <br />
I'd rather find the love of my life rather than the fling of the moment. I loved ur question and thank u so much for reading my blog. I dont know how to use the site very well yet. Is there a way for me to follow ur blogs?

How do you feel, knowing you are betraying your girlfriend? And why are you doing it?

The Kind of man that interest me most is a fun loving man, He has to be just a little bossy but he also has to be able to open up to me. I am not racist but i have found after dating many different races i tend to go more for African Americans and Mexicans, but honestly i dont kno why and i always give a fair chance to anyone. I like a man who loves basket ball and working out, and also loves a family setting. Such as Bbqs and trips to the zoo and the park. He has to love kids and want to work 50/ 50 if we get into a relationship.

My secret I am most ashamed about right now is that I am currently dating a man in a relationship and his girl friend thinks im with her, but has no clue i am with him...

What kind of man interests you the most?

shame on me... i can't tell you

Which secret are you most ashamed about?