I'm 16 and my boyfriend is 18. He's my first everything, first love most importantly. His family especially his mom, loves me a lot considering I am the first girl he's ever brought home which makes him love me even more. My boyfriend is my best friend and is always there for me when I need him most. I feel like he's everything I need..but sometimes I feel like he doesn't understand me and where I come from. Once he told me that he wanted to be friends again with his ex, his first love who he had an on and off relationship with for over a year. I told him it made me uncomfortable and a little concerned but he told me he still wants to be her friend and I have nothing to worry about. I trust him and I told him he can be friends with her but they cant hangout in person. I just hated the fact that he didn't take my feelings into consideration. Then a few days ago he wanted to hang out with one of his girl friend..just them. I told him that made me uncomfortable but he said they were friends for a long time and he doesn't care because they haven't hung out in a long time. It was understandable but I hated how he told me he doesn't care so I asked him for space, he told me he understood then everything was fine, we told eachother we love eachother then ended the night. He's the only one I talk to and I missed him so I texted him the next day, which I regret because it turned into an argument and I got really angry because he was being rude. He then said he needed space but I hated how he mentioned it during a fight. So now we're on bad terms..but I just miss him and he's leaving for college on august 7 and my birthday is august 6, what am I supposed to tell him? I love him very much.
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He should take your feelings into account but jealousy isn't good either. If you trust him, This shouldn't be an issue.