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I Am An Open Book.

Anything you want to ask me, anything at all, will be answered sincerely. :)
girlfromcali34 girlfromcali34 31-35, F 97 Responses Dec 11, 2011

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Got pubes?

do you fantasize about your son?

What is the most erotic story you've read on EP?

How often do you **********? If so how do you like to do it?

Were you happy in 2006?

What do you think of men that wear panties and lingerie?

You don't think posting nude pictures of yourself on your EP stories is wrong,do you?

Want to go to a nudist event together ?

Why can't I add you as a friend? I want to see your pics.

Would love to share ideas

What part of Cal are you from? Want to be friends? Thanks.

in your opinion, what is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Im a very sexual person. So do you like to deep throat? How many guys have you ****** at one time?

Do you like the taste of your own *****?

Are you shure? There are some pretty bad sickos on here. Just to be clear I am not one of them and maybe you are. I mean naughty sex is good. I draw the line when someone is into poop, ****, vomit etc.

Why haven't you answered anything?

Wildest sex you had

What do u do if your husband is away for a few days?

What does giving birth feel like? I hope on getting pregnant soon, with my husband, but want to be prepared!

Do you verbally bully ur cucky hubby when ******* a dominant bull?

Why does California vote democrat so much?

do u have a sex fantasy<br />
whats ur fav sex position and where is ur fav place to have sex

Have you ever come close to or acted on the subject in your confession ?

HOW SHOULD A STRANGER (a man) ASK YOU (or just a woman) FOR A DATE SOMEWHERE OUT (on a street, in a shop, at a party..)? is it ok to just stop a girl on a street, tell her that she is beautiful, that i would like to get to know her and ask her for a date (or just out, for a walk, some drink...)?

M.I.L.F. or Cougar. What best describes you and why?

I like MILF better, I feel like cougars are old, i dont want to be old.

Can you be my friend....

How did you get so dam sexy? Ever just seen a picture and said that person rocks! That's what your one pic did to me!

Lots of exercise ;)

How about modeling some lingerie in a Victoria's Secret dressing room and then letting me make you come multiple times while everyone listens in.

have you ever gone to the mall without panties so that you could flash someone

i"ve not worn panties out, but not to specifically flash someone, if it happens it happens ;)

oh i hope that happens often , i guess i need to make more trips to the mall then

My wife and I came across your Rate My Boobs pic last night. They are 10+! Even my wife was amazed at how beautiful they are. We love your profile pic and smile too! So, no one has asked this yet, and since I'm a boob guy: What's your bra size?