I Am An Open Book.

Anything you want to ask me, anything at all, will be answered sincerely. :)
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Got pubes?

do you fantasize about your son?

What is the most erotic story you've read on EP?

How often do you **********? If so how do you like to do it?

Were you happy in 2006?

You don't think posting nude pictures of yourself on your EP stories is wrong,do you?

Want to go to a nudist event together ?

Why can't I add you as a friend? I want to see your pics.

Would love to share ideas

What part of Cal are you from? Want to be friends? Thanks.

in your opinion, what is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Im a very sexual person. So do you like to deep throat? How many guys have you ****** at one time?

Do you like the taste of your own *****?

Are you shure? There are some pretty bad sickos on here. Just to be clear I am not one of them and maybe you are. I mean naughty sex is good. I draw the line when someone is into poop, ****, vomit etc.

Why haven't you answered anything?

Wildest sex you had

What do u do if your husband is away for a few days?

Why does California vote democrat so much?

do u have a sex fantasy<br />
whats ur fav sex position and where is ur fav place to have sex

Have you ever come close to or acted on the subject in your confession ?

HOW SHOULD A STRANGER (a man) ASK YOU (or just a woman) FOR A DATE SOMEWHERE OUT (on a street, in a shop, at a party..)? is it ok to just stop a girl on a street, tell her that she is beautiful, that i would like to get to know her and ask her for a date (or just out, for a walk, some drink...)?

M.I.L.F. or Cougar. What best describes you and why?

I like MILF better, I feel like cougars are old, i dont want to be old.

Can you be my friend....

How did you get so dam sexy? Ever just seen a picture and said that person rocks! That's what your one pic did to me!

Lots of exercise ;)

How about modeling some lingerie in a Victoria's Secret dressing room and then letting me make you come multiple times while everyone listens in.

have you ever gone to the mall without panties so that you could flash someone

i"ve not worn panties out, but not to specifically flash someone, if it happens it happens ;)

oh i hope that happens often , i guess i need to make more trips to the mall then

what sort of panties do you wear do you prefer to wear pantyhose or stockings

either one really

ever used a strap on, on a guy?


will you marry me. lol

So what is your point? Why do you need to get on a public forum like this one and and let people ask you personal questions which you unabashedly answer? Is it that you are a closet exhibitionist or is there some other need that you want to satisfy? Just curious.

im not a closet exhibitionist, im a full blown one hahaha

We are both in Vegas, its 2am, strangers, we get in a cab at the same time, I ask where you are going, you say Pahrump. Thats a 50 minute ride, you are sexy as hell so I say me too. What happens next?

lots of flirting and some possible fooling around

You are damn cool, I've read all your responses and you're fun and honest and sexy. Your hubby is a lucky man. Effortlessly you are a smile generator its natural, its you its rare. Ty

I would love to have you as a friend on here so can you please add me thanks.<br />
<br />

Since my Guy & I agree that ur ******* r hot...will u check out his **** & leave us a comment?

hi.<br />
ok have you ever been with a transexual ? would you ever consider it ?<br />
and have you ever done double penatration either vaginal or anal? would you ?<br />
if you did would you post the picture's so we could see them ?

i havent been with a transexual, but if they were cute and nice, i would definitely be game,
yes i have done double pentration

Will u please add me

How often do you get shared by hubby.? or hubby by you.?

have you had sex with other than hubby since you were married.?<br />
and or has hubby with an other woman since married.?

we had a ********* so yes to both

Do you like having your ******* licked?


An average looking man approaches you in a public place and offers you $1000 for a ***** ****...yes or no?


what do you do when you flirt with the young teen boys?

Would you suck a mans **** to get out of serious trouble?


Would u mind adding me into yur circle of friends? If you do ty

do you ever flirt with teen boys?<br />
<br />
have youever talked to the hubby about letting other men have you?

yes, i'm bad and flirt with teenagers a lot.

for now though, just flirting

How young are the teenagers you flirt with? I'm sure you're the subject of many wet dreams ;)

hhmmmm.......does the flirting include some touching..or ??

13-14+, i'm bad haha

nice that you flirt with the teens.....have you had any over to your home?

my son and daughter's friends, lol

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I can't add you, will you add me please? What is the kinkiest fantasy you have yet to realize, and is it better as a fantasy than if you actually lived it out?

When was your first ******? How did it happen? Were you surprised?

When being eaten out, do you like penetration as well, either ***** or ***, or do you prefer 100% of the focus be on your ****?

i love penetration too during, *** i like best

It's so fun to put a spit-lubed finger up against a tight puckered *** when eating a ***** and feeling the girl sink down to take it deep inside.

Someone, preferably a girl, eating me out and fingering my *** is DIVINE!

Do you like sniffing other women's panties? Have you ever done so?<br />
<br />
Would you sniff your daughter's panties when they're older?


Ever been handcuffed, besides by a cop?


I bet everyone enjoyed it

Why doesn't you have sex with other men exept hubby? Doesn't he wan't to share you or you don't want to?<br />
<br />
Have you ever cheated on your husband?

You Smile is awesome.. keep it up..

I know you said that your and your husband have sex every day, but how often do require extra attention (either self administered or with another)? Also, have you or would you consider playing outside of your marriage?

I ********** everyday as well

Ok I wear panties :) want to see?

do you like to suck *****? do you swallow? what is the most men you have sucked-off during a day?

I do like giving oral. I do swallow. 3 guys

How often do you **********, and where do you usually do it? Fingers or toys? Ever been caught while ************, and by who?

i ********** about 3-4 times a week, a lot i know.
Usually in my room, with toys, or in the shower with my fingers.
I have been caught when i was younger by my parents, and more recently by my kids.

Have you ever driven around So-cal naked? If so, were you driving or were you the passenger. Did you get horny?

yes, both, and yes

Have you ever been to a male doctor and get/got turned on or gotten off while being examed?

yeah, i have been aroused many times at the doctors

Did you initiate sharing yourself with others or was your hubby ( I would love to experience **********, but don't know how to approach him with this)

What's the greatest number of people to see you naked at once?

about 20, i went streaking lol

have you thought for a second if you deserve life or not?

no i never had the thought

What was the proudest moment of your life?

i have 2, when my kids were born

Hi G.F.C On you xmas pics the 7th one from the top is the one here I am talking about it...<br />
Would you ever consider Posing almost just like that BUT get rid of the bottoms open up a bit more you know, show some pink... So if you would do it, would hubby be ok with it ??. <br />
All of your pictures are beautiful I just cant help thinking how great it would be without the bottoms on in that 1 pic..

Do you prefer massages from a male, or from a female?


How many sexual partners have you had and what was your wildest experience? If you don't want to answer here you could PM me.

1 question 1 comment So my COMMENT on last question asked to you Football? you offer to answer any question and he wants to talk football? If I had a football question for you it would have to be ,,can I tackel you naked on your bed ?..<br />
Anyway I am pretty new to E.P,, when you are online on E.P what do you spend most of your time doing? talking to friends? reading storys? thinking of writting a story? reason I ask,, I see you and others in my circle on line, I will try to connect and nothing?? whats the tricks??<br />
When you have time will you give me some pointers on how all this works,,, you can private me when have time,,, thanks G.F.C , Highcountry..

That was the irony of the question, she said she'd answer ANYTHING. Everyone asks about sex, just thought I'd switch it up a little. Do you honestly think I thought she'd take that question seriously?

I got ya , I should have not even wrote that about your question..
Guess It was just that I hadent laughed all day and that did it for me.. so for the Irony of it awesum question , pretty cool really..

Do you feel that the St. Louis Rams will improve, or worsen, as a team next year after having fired their head coach, and why?

lol, you're asking the wrong woman about sports.

Hey I am not meaning any disrespect I swear it ...But football?
You asked the most beautiful, sexyest honest, prettyest smile, drop dead gorgous woman on E.P about football? well she did say ask me anything.. so who in the hell am I...I just lol when I seen it..

How and when did you explain the facts of life to your kids?

we're very open with our kids, and as soon as they were curious we told them straight away

No photos of you? I sure would love to see that WOOOPEEEEE.....<br />
I will have photos up soon as I figure out how,, I am computer dumb..<br />
I added you anyway...


lol yes, i would probably watch, at least for a bit.

do your neighbors ever see you naked?

Yeah, my windows are always open, and we often skinny dip.

I see you dont share, so unfortunate :)... would you be willing to play with another couple in the same room, we watch you while you watch us!

Sounds fun

what is the largest ob<x>ject you have ever had in your ***** ,,,

my husbands **** and a vibrator at the same time

What's your favorite color?


Here are a few-<br />
<br />
1) What part of Cali is home?<br />
2) What brought you to EP?<br />
3) Are you happily married?<br />
4) Describe your breasts and nipples.<br />
5) Do you go to nude beaches or get bare now? Where?

1) So cal, the best part :P
2) I kind of just happened upon it and got hooked.
3) Yes, very happily. And I have two amazing kids.
4) Big, firm, beautiful. One nipple is pierced ;)
5) No nude beaches, but I am often nude at home and in our pool.

Will you ever travel to Mississippi?

Hm, anything is possible. I havent had a reason to go yet.

Let's be friends, maybe I can give you a reason.

Forgive me, I didn't mean to come on like that.

no worries sweetie :)

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Have you ever intentionally flashed someone

yes often, wen i was in highscool i would wear skirts, and drop a pencil or something, and i woulndt be waering any panties

Lucky guys....