Ask Anything You Desire!

Hello everyone, I've been quite curious to know what you guys want to ask me, it can be like a truth or dare kind of thing, or maybe a roleplay, also maybe even be just a question. So get started asking and no holding back! =)
KatsumiKu KatsumiKu
18-21, F
9 Responses Dec 12, 2011

What is the most "bad girl" thing you've done sexually?

Other stories about friends and the sitter? Lots of detail?

I want to ask you - what is the most erotic thing that a man can ask you to make you wet, to make you tingle down there. That's my question.

hey do u think u cud write a story about surgery on ur belly like bein cut open n stuff

Okay, but it might take me a while, getting really busy

Okay I finished the story, I posted in the group "I love bellybuttons" if you can't find it then look at my profile, it will be the last one on my experiences ^^

Would you enjoy an hour of teasing with feathers lightly over your belly buttons?

Well... To be honest... No, it would be much too ticklish and I mogul faint mOst of the time <.>

I dare you to let me tickle your stomach, and bellybutton for one hour. :)

Whoa... That's a long time... Umm... I don't know if I can last that long, but sure I guess ^^

can you send me some pics of your belly button??

I'm sorry, that's kinda some personal stuff and I don't want to have any photos of me or body parts on this site. I hope you can understand ^^

When was the first time a guy played with your belly button? Did it make you wet?

The first time was my babysitter, I was like 5 then and she only like tickled and poked it, nothing much. And of course it didn't make me wet, I only get myself wet from strange dreams, but that hasn't happened for a while xD

So it hasn't happened with a guy yet?

Hey do you like carttonish roleplays?

Yes I do, I really enjoy those more because you have more freedom within them ^^