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Ask Anything You Desire!

Hello everyone, I've been quite curious to know what you guys want to ask me, it can be like a truth or dare kind of thing, or maybe a roleplay, also maybe even be just a question. So get started asking and no holding back! =)
KatsumiKu KatsumiKu 18-21, F 14 Responses Dec 12, 2011

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What is the most "bad girl" thing you've done sexually?

Hi, no new navel stories from you these days---------

Other stories about friends and the sitter? Lots of detail?

I want to ask you - what is the most erotic thing that a man can ask you to make you wet, to make you tingle down there. That's my question.

hey do u think u cud write a story about surgery on ur belly like bein cut open n stuff

Okay, but it might take me a while, getting really busy

Okay I finished the story, I posted in the group "I love bellybuttons" if you can't find it then look at my profile, it will be the last one on my experiences ^^

Would you enjoy an hour of teasing with feathers lightly over your belly buttons?

Well... To be honest... No, it would be much too ticklish and I mogul faint mOst of the time <.>

^^ .................if perhaps you were lightly tied up, how much belly button teasing do you think you could handle ? .. whats the worst that could happen ? hehe

I might be able to take a lot, maybe unlimited, but there are certain things I can't take o.o

I dare you to let me tickle your stomach, and bellybutton for one hour. :)

Whoa... That's a long time... Umm... I don't know if I can last that long, but sure I guess ^^

can you send me some pics of your belly button??

I'm sorry, that's kinda some personal stuff and I don't want to have any photos of me or body parts on this site. I hope you can understand ^^

When was the first time a guy played with your belly button? Did it make you wet?

The first time was my babysitter, I was like 5 then and she only like tickled and poked it, nothing much. And of course it didn't make me wet, I only get myself wet from strange dreams, but that hasn't happened for a while xD

So it hasn't happened with a guy yet?

Hey do you like carttonish roleplays?

Yes I do, I really enjoy those more because you have more freedom within them ^^

whats your fave roleplay game ?

I don't really have a favorite, but I guess one of them is from when I'm young, it's when I play doctor with my babysitter. She would check if I'm feeling find, and she would usually say something like, "There's something inside your bellybutton that is harming you, it looks like a monster!" And I would believe her...

and you would have to lie there while she attended to you ? nice :)

Lol, yeah basically, she really enjoys to play with me, and I even see her today.

and do you enjoy playing with hers too?

I don't really play with her's so no I guess.

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can you ****** from belly button stimulation or licking ?

Umm... Not sure, maybe, but I haven't ever tried it.

why do you love belly buttons so much ?

Well... The story goes like this. When I was like 5, my parents were always busy and had to hire a baby sitter for me, so they hired this girl who had a good record of baby sitting and was one of the best recommended. She was very kind, gentle, and never wondered off lacking off on the job. She would give me everything I wanted, but she had to force me to eat since I hate eating, no idea why o.o. But she had thing thing she loved to do with little girls like me, she loves to play with their bellybuttons, not sure why, just a fetish guess. So she asked me if I wanted to play a game, I agreed since I love to hang out with people. So she explained the rules and she talked in a playful voice, in which it made me want to play it. So the rules were: [She holds her finger above my bellybutton and slowly go down as a timer, she would think of a word and I would have to guess it, there were no hits or clues allowed. and if I took too long she would continue going down till her finger hit my bellybutton, bit if I got it right, she would stop.] So we played a few rounds and at first I wanted to stop, but she got me attractive to it again and we went on. We played so many games related to bellybutton and soon it became like a forcing fetish for me, now it's q bit weak now, but I sometimes get nightmares of things happening to my bellybutton...

Okay that's the story. Lol I wrote this all like in 5 minutes, I just love to add a lot of details. ^^

wow i love it, great story,

Thank you ^^

btw you keep writing like this. details are everything ;) hehe

Lol, okay, and thanks ^^

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