Ask me anything about anything, I mean anything, and I will answer truthfully. Any questions that pop into your head ask away. Sexual, exotic, or simple questions
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7 Responses Dec 17, 2011

What is ur fave method of getting off?

Watching hot lesbian sex or having it

What do you prefer? Sucking a hard **** or giving a good hand job?


You have a very sexy sultry look in your photo. Very pretty. Are you in the uk?

Thanks, no I'm in the us

if my penis was cold would you warm it up and if so how would you do that :)

If I knew you, I would give you a hand job, and when it was all warm and hard, I would slowly slide it into me, then I would get faster and faster and harder, and harder until we both ***

i could see that doing the job thanks :)

Do you like guys or girls more? And why?

Well that's a hard one, I love guys, but I can't resist women, I love thier body's

Yes, I have with two girls actually all at once

lol you sound like my gf...See sex isnt bad!

Have you ever had, and enjoyed a gay experience?

I haven't gotten to yet sadly

Yes, I have had a lesbian **** and had sex with my girlfriend