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what brought you to ep? What are you looking for?

I found Ep by accident and I am looking to meet some nice girls to get to know

I know you usually only have lady's in your circle of friends. Would you please add me. I leave a lot of varied and interesting sometimes funny comments.

NO thanks

I am a fun person and I try hard to talk to my friends. I have a fallen for leaving fun comments to.

is that it no more ?????????????????????????

Fav sexual position and why?

69 because i like my ***** licked while i am licking *****

So ur bisexual?

What ya wearing right now lol.


a T shirt


a T shirt

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Have you ever been in a fight ?


Did you win ?

Would you take someone to the bathroom with you & let them sit on your lap in a straddling position & cuddle with them as you pee & poop?


in your opinion, what is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

sex in the park on picnic table

What is your favorite way to **********?

with shower head

Do you want to play whit me on skype?

no thanks

If i walked up to you an said hike up your dress and bend over so I can **** you,what would you say or do?

ask you how much money you had

Is there a question about your really secret desires that would shock yourself if you told us and if so, what is that question?

I want to be gang banged at least one time

ever been hypnotized?.....LOL


Would you ever have sex with a much older man?

it would depend on how much money was involved

Don't worry my charges are reasonable

ur funny

Okay, here's a question: Do you think marriage is an arrangement that makes sense in the 21st century?

marriage don't make sense .........................................

Would you ever go to an adult cinema and let strangers touch you all over?

how much money we talking?

are you answering every questions

I will try I for got all about this site

Have you ever pooped outside?


Favorite book?

ah a good ? not sure I read a lot of books

Would you try anything once?

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HOW SHOULD A STRANGER (a man) ASK YOU (or just a woman) FOR A DATE SOMEWHERE OUT (on a street, in a shop, at a party..)? is it ok to just stop a girl on a street, tell her that she is beautiful, that i would like to get to know her and ask her for a date (or just out, for a walk, some drink...)?<br />
<br />
and how would you be asked for sex by a stranger to make you think about agreeing?

Hello. Ok I am going to answer the first part of your question, even though it was not intednted for me. I have had many people just randomly stop and ask me out. The key is to get the attention of the girl over a period of time. Rather than just go straight for the kill. This makes the girl feel more comfortable and gives you a better chance overall.
So don't just go and say "hey your beautiful. Lets go out" Catch her attention, maybe wink at her and then once she has acknowledged you, go right ahead. :)

Tell me about your ************....do you enjoy it...

yes very much da

Do you like to trib and use a doubledong inserted in you and your partner while tribbing?

yes and yes

yes yes yes

Have you ever flashed anyone 'accidentally' in public?

accidentally on purpose

Sounds like you need to elaborate, we're sure that you have lots of people who'd like to hear the details!

I like to f;ah truckers

Do you ever add men as friends,I know you like girls ,can't you be friends with guys I've got lesbians as friends in life .


Why do people ask questions about sex more then trying to actually get to know you?<br />
<br />
Where did you live as a child? Where do you live now? Are you in college? What are you studying? If you arent in college, why not? What do you do for a living? Do you find it enjoyable? Do you find your life exciting? What are your plans for your future?

wow holy cow OK here it is I grew up in Maryland I now live in PA I am in med school no I dont work right now yes life is very enjoyable it could be a lot more exciting to be a family Doctor. I made it lol

At least you dont want a future in the **** industry. By the questions asked and the answers given you'd think you revolved your life around sex. Its good to know there is a lot more to you then a vagina and a set of ****.

lol just trying to have fun while I am young before I have to buckle down and get serious in life and then old and boring

yes I did and yes I did

Had you ever had your feet worshiped or toes sucked? If Yes, did you like it?

never had that done

Do u think u would enjoy a good relaxing foot massage and toes suckled?

I duno


been with guys like girls better



anal and it hurt and i will never do it again

you must of not done it right. yes there is a technique to anal.

oh my ok then well that would have been my teacher in JR high she was very pretty I had such a crush